Hustle Mentality Is Killing Us

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Hustle Mentality Has Us Trapped:

The hustle mentality - the idea that it's good, noble, honorable or something to be praised to be working hard, to be working all the time, to be sacrificing other parts of life so you can earn for you and yours - that’s a manipulation. That’s the system that has you locked into its wheels as a gear. The idea that you should be in constant productivity/helping mode is a LIE invented by the system. It's not spiritual. Spirituality takes YOU as a PERSON into account. If your only sense of self worth comes from how much you do for others - you are being played. You are being sucked into the production model dressed up as spirituality. It's the same system just with different clothing.

The more you sacrifice your humanity to feed the production machine, the more you PROP UP the system. We are batteries, as was laid out in the Matrix. Work for yourself, for a corporation, for a mom and pop - doesn’t matter. The moment you push past what’s reasonable for a human to be producing, sacrificing and relying on convenience, stimulants and downers to get you through, is the moment you become a part of the machine.

Again, this constant need to be productive DESTROYS us.

It’s part of WHY we all have addictions, coping mechanisms, feel constant anxiety and depression.

Why we have such terrible relationships and hate ourselves.

It’s because this system of constant production is fundamentally opposed to our basic health. It requires that we IGNORE the very REAL empathy we are going to feel for how EXPLOITIVE this way of being is in order to keep doing it. We all feel it - and we are pushing it down and it’s driving us to cope, numb and self sabotage and we don’t even see it because we are SO disconnected from the reality of our lifestyles.

It makes us literally crazy.

People who are accumulating wealth beyond what they need to live a comfortable life are depending upon unfair trade, slave labour and a destruction on their own humanity. It's REQUIRED in this system of production we have. We have to sacrifice ourselves to be successful in this system. We have to sacrifice others too.

Now again remember - you did NOT invent this system. NONE of this is your fault. If you are identifying with anything written above - please know this is not something to feel shame or guilt about. You are a victim to the system, not a perpetrator. We must also acknowledge that for many, simply making ends meet means participating in all of the above. The single mom of 5 working two minimum wage jobs is of COURSE going to rely on Walmart and 7-11 coffee - and she should NOT feel guilt about this. The fact that she is dependent upon the system is not her fault. If you are in this category - working just to survive - please know change is not on your shoulders. That is not what this article is about. You are the ones those of us with a little more wiggle room need to make changes FOR. I'm going to talk practical solutions near the end of this series, but just for now, know that no matter where you are on the hierarchy here - NONE of this is your fault. You are not a bad person. You were born into this and you were indoctrinated into it. You have been manipulated. Compassion, compassion, compassion before moving on.

A System That Forces Us To Hoard:

The idea that we need to hoard - which is what wealth accumulation beyond our actual needs is - comes as a result of a ‘snake eating its own tail’ conundrum.

In real reality crime, war, people abusing one another and people taking things that they need to survive from others is a RESULT of our system, not something the system invented to help remedy. Even our current structure of consensus reality where we all need to squash and shadow parts of ourselves in order to ‘fit in’ so that those that control the resources will see us as useful and thus give us what we need to keep going - is again a RESULT of our unequal distribution dominance/subservient system.

It's a FACT that when we fear for our lives we go into fight or flight mode. When we feel that we are not going to have what we need to survive - which for us comes as a result often times of feeling rejected as this then follows that we will be outcasted and then not able to access what we need to live - we go into FIGHT OR FLIGHT. We lose the capacity for reasoning, sharing, higher thinking, logic and sound decision making in exchange for fighting or running away. This insecurity - the KNOWING that we are not going to have what we need or the THREAT that we are not going to have enough triggers us into hoarding, war, and crime.

This state of mind then puts us into a state of stress generally and this is where all the traumas of abandonment, separation, fear and so on that are passed down through family lines come from.

It STARTED from a place of insecurity.

And we can see - no matter how much someone ‘shores up’ - they NEVER feel they have enough to protect themselves.

Millionaires and Billionaires are some of the MOST paranoid people, because they KNOW that they are a ripe target for those who don't have enough. Who aren't as valued by the system/who don't have the advantages that make accumulation of wealth possible for them.

They are hoarding wealth to protect themselves from ‘those people out there who want to take my stuff’ - that wouldn’t exist as those people who want to take your stuff if those people had enough.

Scarcity creates trauma.

Scarcity creates crime.

Scarcity creates all the stresses and filters and fighting that generate a humanity that is deeply wounded and acting from those wounds.

If those with so much were to relinquish their earnings - not in a way that again dictates the CHOICES others should be making but rather put it into programs that built infrastructure, food production and other systems that make having enough possible for all people no matter their seeming 'use' within the system - they would no longer NEED to hoard to protect themselves.

Again, our scarcity mentality was come by honestly. Humanity for almost as long as humanity has been around did NOT have the skills to predict weather, manage food so that it was available all year round, have the capacity to re-build after natural disasters, medicines to heal diseases and so on. It's a very, very recent development that most of the worlds population ISN'T in a state of deep vulnerability to the waxing and waning of nature. We all have scarcity trauma in our bloodlines that need to be addressed before we are going to have those at the top REALIZE that they can SHARE and still be ok. This is nervous system trauma from lineage. This is part of the reason why we see people who have so much hoarding and never feeling safe.

This is no where better demonstrated than in the United States. They have some of the highest crime and mental illness rates in the WORLD and are simultaneously one of the WEALTHIEST countries in the world.

What gives? The power structure.

So few having so much creating hoards of people with insecurity.

If we pooled the wealth, no one would have to shore up for retirement, for the off chance they get sick or into an accident, for if they lose their job - because there would be social safety-nets in place for ALL people thus taking the insecurity away, letting people live in less fear - and in this we would see a dramatic drop in crime and the crime cycle, mental health issues and that cycle and so on. We gotta break the cycle. We are going to have to love our own traumatized 'not enough' selves and realize that again the system is CAPITALIZING on this trauma. The constant receiving of the message that you do not have enough, are not enough, are not producing enough - it keeps you CONSUMING and OVER PRODUCING and thus FEEDING THE SYSTEM.

We all must heal these wounds inside so that we are capable of breaking free, taking just enough, and then being a part of the redistribution.

Because the reality is, we will never be EQUAL. We will NEVER EVER have a society where all people are CAPABLE of working hard enough or in the right ways to earn a basic quality of life. Some people don't have skills that will ever be deemed valuable. Some have mental delays that mean they will never be capable of 'independence.' Some, no matter how resourced they are, are so traumatized that they will never be able to be a 'functioning member of society.' We will always need garbage men, clerks and people who don't work corporate jobs that earn a living wage currently.

If we really want to end the insecurity we are going to have to create EQUITY. There will never be equal outcome - no matter how much you resource someone who has a certain IQ level, they will never become a PHD mathemetition. No matter how much training someone receives, a 5'2 female with a natural inclination towards painting will NEVER be better at basket ball than a 6'8 athletically minded male.

Until we value ALL LIFE as sacred, and stop looking at what that life does or doesn't offer society in the way of PRODUCTION - we will have scarcity, wage gaps, war, crime and constant trauma.

Again, please know that NONE of us alive today created this system. None of us are perpetuating it consciously. None of us are hurting others because we want to. No one is getting rich and seeing it as spiritual or like they are just putting wealth in the ‘right hands’ knows that they are engaged in a fundamentally out of synch with reality system. If you are feeling triggered - you are not to blame. This is not your fault. You didn’t create this mess and you were indoctrinated into it. You are a victim of it just as much as a perpetrator. No one is good or bad here. It’s just a painful reality.


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