Why The ‘Abundance’ Teachings Are Bullshit

Hello Beautiful Being;

Over the next several posts, I would like to share my thoughts on a subject that’s been on my heart and mind for a long time.

I want to first state that I don’t believe any one of us is evil, bad or to blame for the situation we’re in as a humanity. I also know that this is a NUANCED topic - I don’t see all sides nor do I have all the answers. Rather I have a perspective I’d like to share. I recognize this may be triggering for some and again, please know I’m not looking to accuse or ‘call out’ anyone - rather I'm looking at the SYSTEM for how IT IS and the effect it's having on all of us a human species, how we may be playing a role that we don’t mean to be playing, doing things we are not aware we are doing, and how we can divest and create something new and more beneficial. This isn't about blaming anyone. I know we are all doing the best with what we know. This is about looking to KNOW MORE so we can start to do things differently.

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The Abundance Gospel Is Full Of Shadow:

From my perspective - and I could be wrong - there seems to be a LOT of shadow in the ‘abundance’ teachings that are popular right now.

A lot of deep, dark misunderstanding, manipulation and the perpetuation of deeply harmful mindsets that’s going unseen or is being propped up as a form of spirituality, when it’s in fact, the very system of oppression we as ‘light workers’ are claiming to want to dismantle.

First off - the truth of our current reality is this: he who controls the resources - that which we all need to survive - controls the people. This has been true for as long as humanity has lived in groups.

There has never been and never will be equality of outcome - no matter if we change society so much so as to go back to a 100% natural way of life.

There is ALWAYS going to be a 'system' by which reality functions, and within that system there will be those who are more naturally inclined to be SUCCESSFUL (to work in a way where their needs are met and they can grow and prosper) within that system than others.

This is ALWAYS going to create some sort of unequal power dynamic.

This is not a human construct.

It occurs in nature.

We are simply not all created equal and never will we be.

Meaning there is ALWAYS going to be opportunity for those who have the natural advantage to use that as a way of hoarding, shoring up and providing for themselves at the EXPENSE of the larger population. This exists in our current society just as it has existed in pretty much every society throughout all of human history. The more a person or people group have an advantage, the more they will then be capable of using that advantage not just to provide more for themselves than is needed, but will then have the power to ACTIVELY disenfranchise those with less of an advantage or a disadvantage. They will be able to use their advantage to claim even MORE strength and power via using their access as a means to control, manipulate and dictate the actions of others. He who controls the resources controls the people.

Those with and advantage are those who have an easier time acquiring resources than others. The more they acquire, the more leverage they have to control others, and how society runs at large, because they then get to decide how those resources are distributed. Who gets and who doesn't.

This power structure is always going to exist on some level. We must be aware of that.

From this, we must understand that those who are then at a disadvantage are ALWAYS going to be living from a state of scarcity and FEAR. From this place, we are always going to see people groups who are marginalized, who do not have resources, who are under supported acting in fear based, survivalist ways. They are going to be violent, manipulative, 'criminal' or otherwise 'threatening' to those with the resources because they are trying to survive. The larger the gap between those who are using their advantage to hoard for themselves - and at worst using their advantage not just to shore up for themselves but to actively bring disadvantage to those they are able to dominate/manipulate/control - the more opportunity there will be for war, violence, crime, civil unrest and so on. The more disenfranchised the people, the more unsettled the society will be. The wider the gap between the top and the bottom, the more the top will fear for their safety, and look to defend themselves against the desperate mobs they are actively working to keep disenfranchised.

So long as there is any one person/group that has far and away MORE access to that which is required to live a relatively secure life - we will have imbalance, poverty and war. This is reality. A huge part of the system.

Slavery And Theft Is How We Got Here And Are Where We Still Reside:

The next important piece to understand about the system we currently live in, the one that WAS and IS created by human construct, is that every wealthy nation became so due to slave labor and theft of land and resources from a less powerful group.

This is a fact that we all must understand if we want to REALLY look at this issue with a fair lens.

All wealthy nations became wealthy through the exploitation and conquering of other people groups in order to take their land and resources.

Owning slaves and steeling land and resources is how wealth has happened.

ALL powerful nations at some point in their/currently employed the use of force over its citizens to build, produce and generate wealth and a standard of living for the upper class first and foremost, then the rest of the people eventually or never. This control over resources is exactly what creates the structure of ‘dominance’ that then NECESSITATES that someone be inferior/INSECURE. Submissive in some way. Without their full rights and freedoms.

The idea that those at the top get to decide who and where rights are distributed IS the imbalance.

There was no way to conquer, produce and dominate the way ALL wealthy nations have WITHOUT these two fundamental ingredients.

America became wealthy BECAUSE it had slaves. Period. End of story. There was no other way to produce all the goods they did and distribute them to other countries without workers that weren’t paid.

This is STILL the system we have in most countries - to less and greater degrees. Of course there are more socialist countries that don't fall into the below categories ANYMORE - but if you look into history, that doesn't mean they didn't engage in this mentality to get to where they are.

Millionaires And Billionaires Are, Generally Speaking, Using Slave Labour And Theft:

Millionaires and billionaires can ONLY exist in our current world BECAUSE there are people who work for them and get paid less than a living wage, and because they are on some level exploiting resources and people groups.

There is no other way, under our current systems, to acquire that much wealth.

Individuals - ALL individuals who are in the millionaire category are utilizing slave labor on some level. They may not be employing people for less than a living wage through their work directly - but they ARE DEPENDENT upon slave labor to make their lives work.

And it's not just them. Those of us in the 'middle' of society - those with enough expendable income to be comfortable but not quite as much as the top, top tiers of wealth are also participating in a system of slavery and exploitation.

Ie. Every time we shops at Walmart we support slavery. Every time we buy through Amazon we support slavery. Every time we buy a coffee at Starbucks we support slavery. Every time we purchase ANYTHING that is for convince/price it's usually founded in a slave type system. Someone isn’t being paid enough to do what they are doing/produce what they are producing. Our dependence upon cheap, subsidized, quick consumer goods makes us willing participants in the slavery/exploitation complex. The slaves may be hard working lower middle class people just trying to make ends meet, or people from other nations who aren't being paid fairly for their time and resources - but the only way most of our consumer goods are priced as they are is because of exploitation. If everything were priced so that all workers got a living wage and goods were actually costing consumers what they cost to produce - it would be nearly impossible to accumulate wealth because everything would be much, much more expensive.

At the same time, in order to become this wealthy in our production based society, we MUST sacrifice our own humanity.

There is no such thing as becoming a millionaire in our current system without working longer hours than are healthy. Without sacrificing our FEELING of how our actions are impacting others. Without going into a state of manic, out of synch with our natural cycles and rhythms working to maintaining inhuman levels of productivity.

Especially if we are trying to LIMIT the above point.

If we are sourcing local foods and cooking for ourselves, looking to take care of our bodies with movement, spending quality time with those we love, purchasing fair trade clothing, limiting our use of T.V and Internet (to avoid supporting huge companies and their ad revenue), being in NON consumer mode - this all takes up EXTRA time we frankly won't have, cost MUCH MORE, and therefore drives us to work even HARDER to support ourselves.

There has to be a compromise somewhere.

Again we may not be DIRECTLY underpaying employees or DIRECTLY having people in our lives that work for us in some way where we under pay them - but in order to stay at the level of productivity required to be rich in this current system, we ARE dependent on the slaves we don’t see. There’s no way around it. We are dependent upon large corporations for our convenience so that we can work. We will be dependent upon stimulants to keep us going during the day and depressants to help us wind down at night - both of which disconnect us from our FEELINGS. We need something artificial to push us because we don't actually FEEL like going. We need something to bring us down because we are FEELING all overstimulated and wound up from a day out of synch with our nature. We are blind and deaf to the people being exploited because we don’t have the bandwidth, and we are blind and deaf to our own cries for help - and it is a cycle that feeds itself - the harder we work the more we rely upon the system of exploitation to keep going, the more we need the distractions of the system to numb the pain of being involved.

This same thing goes for light workers who over-extend. Who work longer and harder than is healthy for them. Who then turn to things like plant medicines, excessive disciplines, extreme diets, extreme philosophies, dramas and so on to keep themselves going. Even if we aren't going to McDonalds, if we need that matcha in the morning, that does of online drama in the afternoon and the glass of organic wine at the end of the day - we are in it.

We are too consumed with our own fears and indoctrination that we must be doing more, producing more, serving more - even in the light worker fields - thinking this is holy when really it’s the system.

We Will Never Have Equality And We Have To Stop Acting Like That's A Possibility:

The real reality is this: We will never have equality. We have a production based society that values production. We will NEVER be in a place where ALL BEINGS have the opportunity to produce enough of what society deems valuable in order to have enough.

It’s never, ever, ever going to happen.

We are all so different, coming with different bodies, minds, expressions and so on. We will never ever ever have equality among men. Even if we removed ALL societal constructs and returned fully to nature - some would have a better capacity to survive than others. There will ALWAYS be those who are better at acquiring resources for survival better than others - giving them the opportunity to hoard and control and thus manipulate and overpower. That’s reality.

With that we must then make a choice - are we going to keep with this system of valuing some above others - supremacy - and therefore being OK that some are going to make BILLIONS while others starve?

OR are we going to work towards EQUITY.

Working together as a human society to support and provide for ALL BEINGS no matter their productivity quotient? 

Meaning, are we willing to pay the barista a living wage? Are we willing to pay into social systems that support those with ‘disabilities’ - who will NEVER be strong enough to survive on their own without assistance, and will never be able to 'produce' enough to be 'valued' in culture? Are we willing to work with our own communities to take care of children, educate, feed and distribute resources in a way so that no one has to go without? Or do we want to live for me and mine, and again KNOW that we then MUST play a part in people who are not considered ‘valuable’ in the system going without. Are we going to choose humanity, or ‘abundance’? Do we want to keep punishing traumatized people for the ways they are responding to their very real scarcity, or do we want to recognize that rehabilitation starts with relative security - and when that is created humans tend to rise to their better nature. They come out of fear, and THIS ALTERS THEIR BEHAVIOUR for the long term. Punishment only creates more trauma and scarcity. Its a cycle that will never, ever end until we break the cycle.

Anything in nature that takes more than its fair share is considered a parasite or a cancer. It usually ends up destroying itself by destroying its host. This is a natural phenomenon that is again, simply observable fact. So what is it that makes us feel we are so different from nature? That we can be beings who take so much more than we need, and NOT be creating destruction in our wake?

We have never once had an example of a ‘benevolent’ leader who hoards more for themselves than they can take while also PROVIDING for the basic needs of all their citizens. When one of us is left behind, we ALL suffer because a system that is built upon leaving someone behind is OPPOSED to the reality of oneness.

Supremacy is out of alignment with nature.

We may not see it or understand it directly - but it’s a law. What we do to one we do to all. Those at the top of our current system ARE SUFFERING. Don’t buy into the lie that with enough wealth YOU will be happy. You won’t. You will have sacrificed your humanity. You will be in pain. And the fact that the system requires these things in order to acquire the wealth in the first place is what should let us know that we need to divest.

There is no such thing as the benevolent billionaire. There is no such thing as a SPIRITUAL millionaire. You are not going to 'step into your purpose' and find you 'manifest' all this abundance in a way that doesn't make you are part of the problem. DO NOT BUY the New Age spiritual 'abundance gospel' - it's the system in different clothing. YES you should be able to have ENOUGH by living your purpose - but enough is VERY different than ABUNDANCE. Most don't know what enough is. And it's killing us and making us susceptible to wolf in sheep clothing fake spirituality.   

Until we see ALL BEINGS have enough, THEN we can start to see what’s left over and where we can have things beyond what is required for a basic quality of life. I am not talking about us all taking a vow of poverty - I'm talking about REALLY figuring out what ENOUGH looks like and starting to live from THAT place.


See you next week for part two.

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