Separation Consciousness And Suffering Are EXPANSIONS, Not Devolutions: Part Four

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Today we are going to finish our more 'expanded' view of why separation is the next wave of expansion for the universe, and next week we will end this series with practical application.

For now, let's dive into how degradation happens and what it is all for!

Truth Is Learned Through The Taking It Apart:

We as consciousness are learning about TRUTH - what we are - through the experience of each individual aspect of consciousness having the opportunity to both live totally out of alignment with truth and thus experience what we call 'death' or degradation, as well as the opportunity to come into alignment with the laws so as to experience EXPANSION upon the laws.

It is said that one cannot break a law of nature, we can only break ourselves against the laws of nature.

This is the perfect way of look at ultimate truth or the ultimate structure of reality and how we oppose it.

When we oppose the structure of reality, technically speaking, we are still having a 'life generating' experience - in the sense that we are generating new information about what it is like for our singularity to oppose a law in a specific way at a specific point in time. This is new. Never having been done before. So even if we oppose the same law over and over again in seemingly the same way, we are STILL having a new experience of what it is like to oppose that law, due to the singularity of time. We can never do the same thing twice because time has created the conditions for everything single moment to be a moment that never has been and never will be again.

This is the reason why we don't simply burst into flame or die immediately as we live out of alignment with truth. It's providing information to live outside of truth - we learn something about the nature of reality each and every time we oppose it, and thus it is of value. It generates life. It is a part of life itself.

That being said, there is still the fact that the structure is in place, and to oppose it must equal a degradation on some level.

This is because to oppose the structure of reality IS to oppose the SELF!

Remember, separation is an EXPERIENCE consciousness is having, but it is not an ultimate truth! We feel separate so that we can learn everything there is to learn through this vantage point of awareness/that which is being observed and experience BUT ultimately separation never truly occurred.

This is an interesting paradox to chew on. We are having a true experience of separation, but it is not ultimately true. It is an evolution of consciousness to be able to experience this separation and thus to see everything about itself from a new vantage point, but the ultimate reality that we are all one with all things has not changed. Separation is a vantage point - not an ultimate truth.

Through this vantage point, we are able to oppose the laws as though they are separate from us which gives consciousness the capacity to experience what it is like to oppose itself, thus providing itself with new information about what it is.

Eventually, as we keep doing this, although it is providing new information to the universe and thus generating energy, because of the law of oneness, the structural integrity of whatever is opposing the law starts to degrade to the point where it is no longer able to hold and conduct that energy. Because to oppose the law IS to oppose the SELF. To break a law is to break the self, as the law and the self are in actual reality one and the same thing.

As we break a law we break ourselves. As we oppose the structure we oppose ourselves - because in TRUTH there is no separation - separation is just a vantage point.

You can think of it again through a physical analogy.

Due to this separation vantage point you are able to have the experience of cutting yourself. Being that there is a perceptual experience of the body being separate from your consciousness (think about this - do you say 'my body' or do you perceive yourself to BE your body and your body to BE you?) you then have the option of opposing your body in whatever way you desire to do so. You can take a knife to many parts of your flesh and in this you will experience something. As you cut up your arm, your leg or your torso there will be sensations of pain. There will be bleeding. There will be the opportunity to watch how the body heals/regenerates itself. There will be all sorts of things that go on that expand your awareness of how your body functions. But eventually, if you keep doing this, if you keep cutting yourself at some point the structural integrity of your body will no longer be strong enough to keep functioning which will end your experience of being in this particular body. It will be destroyed, and with that this whole experience of you being you in this particular form will also be destroyed.

As you oppose the structure of your body, you oppose yourself. The being that you are can not continue on in this form without the body and when you oppose the body eventually it loses it's capacity to hold the energy/information that is consciousness and thus the specific aspect of consciousness that 'you' are is ejected from the body and the body is returned to the earth to be animated by another form of consciousness, and your consciousness moves on to animate something else.

Thus, the learning experience of 'you' in this form and in this way is ended. This will always give rise to a new learning experience in a new form, but that which could have been learned through the specific vantage point of 'you' in your singularity is no more.

There is nothing wrong with this.

Most people are going to oppose the laws more than they are going to align with them. Most are going to have lifetimes of opposing the nature of the self (what your specific consciousness is as a fractal of all that is) and opposing the nature of reality (the larger structure of reality itself) and in so doing will have a life generating degradation experience overall.

Much will be learned, but the laws will not be expanded, only observed through being broken and seeing what happens when they are broken.

Now again, because there is no true separation between who/what you are and the laws/reality itself - when we have an opposition experience, we are having a degradation experience. You get this.

In degradation, there is pain. THIS Is the root of all pain. Opposition to what is TRUE.

When we experience pain, what we are really experiencing is the result of opposing the nature of reality.

This is not a punishment - not in any way - it is simply a learning tool.

As we push against the law, because we are one with the law and the law is ultimately one with us, we degrade ourselves. We degrade the STRUCTURE that is holding and conducting the ONE ENERGY of life. Just like a wire that is carrying electricity to a lightbulb - if we keep making little cuts in the wire, eventually the integrity of the wire will be compromised enough that it is no longer capable of conducting energy. This is EXACTLY what is happening when we oppose the structure of reality. We oppose ourselves, we degrade ourselves and then eventually we become so degraded that we can no longer conduct the energy/information we are generating through our experiences and thus we must allow the vessel and the soul to part.

In degradation there is pain, because ultimately even though it is still providing the generation of information, it does not support life continuing on because if the vessel cannot hold the energy there must be an ending of that specific life form. It is as simple as that.

There is no 'higher' being punishing or causing us pain.

There is no judgement in this opposition of the law.

It is simply that degradation hurts because as we degrade the structure of what is, we incrementally reduce the capacity for the vessel to hold new information, to run that new information through itself and thus keep living.

In oder to stay living, we must not only be increasing the amount of information/life force energy we can hold, but also we must be able to continually CONDUCT this energy.

It must keep moving.

This requires a vessel that is continuing to be BUILT rather than DEGRADED.

Meaning, when we ALIGN with the laws - the Universal and the Natural - the cosmic laws and the relative needs of the individual, something magical happens.

We then create the conditions for the EXPANSION of the laws.

You see, because you ARE ONE with the laws/structure, if you are not opposing those laws, by the nature of how life works you must then be BUILDING UPON them. Remember - life requires evolution, expansion and growth. If you are not in a state of degradation, and you're still alive, you must then be in a state of growth.




When you align with the laws that exist, as a completely unique singularity, you have a vantage point - a way of percieving those laws/that structure - that has never been had before.

In this, you are able to CREATE something NEW from the COMBINATION of the UNIVERSAL and the RELATIVE.

You being you, interacting with the laws in the way that only you can, expands the laws or the structure of reality itself.

This is what being a true creator is.

Taking what is Universally, what is individually, combining the two in the way only you can, and creating something new.

You, living as yourself in alignment with the universal laws is the ultimate creative experience. It is taking the structure of what is and building upon it.

This Is The Miracle Of True Self Love.

When we love ourselves, when we are willing to own our individuality and our humanity as being the exact, perfect Divine natural evolution of God expanding, we become candidates for accessing universal awareness/knowledge.


Because it is only through the vantage point of the the one - the individual - that the universal laws can be observed. There is no one without the other. You cannot understand yourself fully without the context of the Universal of which you are a part. At the same time, you cannot understand the whole if you are trying to eliminate yourself - a vital piece of that whole. Without you, the whole is not complete. Thus you can never know the whole without knowing yourself.

Also, it is through being you, through being separated in your perception that you are able to see and now the whole. It is ONLY through being you that you are able to see and know the whole.

Without having a separation experience, you could not know the whole. Meaning you could not choose to align with it, and you then could not create anything new from your alignment with it.

The more you access the truth of YOURSELF, because it is THROUGH being a SELF that you are learning about the UNIVERSAL, the more you will know about the universal.

The more you know about the universal, the more you will understand yourself - as you are a reflection of it.

In this, the more you are aware of the two forms of structure - the universal and the individual - the more you can align with what already is, and thus be creating something new.

And that, my friends, is consciousness expansion in it's truest form.

You loving you, you being you, you learning about the all that is through that, you choosing to align with the specific structure that you are within the context of the universal structure, that being a singularity experience and thus a creation or expansion on the laws.

This is why self love is the key to everything.

When you love you, true creation is possible.

Without this, there will always be an opposition to the structure, and thus a degradation.


Next week we are going to wrap this all up.

For now, see how the idea of self love feels now through this new vantage point.


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