Separation Consciousness And Suffering Are EXPANSIONS, Not Devolutions: Part Two

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If you have not already done so, please go back and read (or even re-read) Part One in this series.

Now lets keep exploring separation and how it is serving as an expansion of consciousness, not a devolution.

Back To The Universe:

As the Universe divided itself, this created the potentiality for even further divisions. Each time the Universe projected itself as something more specific than it had been the last time it projected, it learned something new, which then generated more information, which created the conditions for an even more specific projection the next time. And so on and so forth. Each experience of separation created the conditions for the Universe to divide itself into even smaller, more specific aspects of itself.

To understand WHY this is so key to the Universe learning about itself - and thus continuing to live through generating new information and thus life itself - we can think of it like our understanding of the human body.

The first way we understand the body is to look at it as a unified whole. To see it as one thing that enable the human to walk, talk, sleep and experience.

However, if we stop there we don't 'really' know how the body works.

In order to take our understanding deeper, we must start to take the body apart. We have to open it up, look inside and see that the liver is separate from the kidneys, which are separate from the adrenal glands and so on. As we start to understand the function of our organs, this gives way to dissecting the specific tissues of our organs, and understanding their specific functions. From there we dissect the tissues into their specific cells - which again gives us even MORE information about how the body works. So on and so forth.

Now as we do this, in order to TRULY understand how an organ functions we must understand how it functions in the CONTEXT of the rest of the body.

Because in truth, no organ is operating INDEPENDENTLY from the rest of the organism. It is intrinsically linked. It is an individual thing unto itself as well as being a unified part of the whole AT THE SAME TIME.

The liver has specific functions, that rely upon the rest of the body doing what it does. As we learn about the specific role the liver plays, we also learn about the role the other organs and organ systems play in the functioning of the liver and how the whole body plays together.

As we take things apart to see how they work as separate parts, we are simultaneously learning about the whole and how it functions. The division provides clarity on the whole. The taking things apart naturally gives way to putting everything together with a much deeper understanding.

We look at the liver specifically, then we start to see how it plays into how the rest of the body functions. We go from looking at the body as one unit, to seeing it as a bunch if separate pieces, then finally to seeing the body as a unified organism made up of interconnected yet separate and distinct parts.

The separation enables the whole. They are nested in one another.

As we take the body apart and focus on its component parts:

  1. We learn more about the overall functioning of the body and how it does what it does.
  2. We are able to go deeper into even smaller and subtler levels and layers of the body, which again help us to understand the workings of the body more deeply.
  3. We are able to better understand how the whole body works through observing how each individual aspects functions in tandem with each other individual aspect. The interplay tells us more about the specific part as well as more about the whole.

It is through this taking things apart, seeing their unique and specific structure, their unique and specific make up that we are able to understand how these specific parts work in the CONTEXT of the whole, and we are able to then see the smaller component parts that make up the larger parts and systems, that again enhance our knowledge of the whole system.

We take the body apart, piece by piece, allowing ourselves to see smaller and smaller pieces, and with this we are actually learning more about how the WHOLE functions.

To understand how the liver works as a separate organ from the kidneys gives us more information about how the body functions as a whole. To see the kidneys and liver as one is to not understand the body completely.

Separation leads to deeper understanding of the whole.

You see, the individual EMBODIED perspective is actually the MOST expansive perspective in the universe. It is the one that consciousness has never had before. It is new, providing new information and is expanding the laws of the universe.

New information = expansion. In order to have new information, there must be a new experience.

To be a singularity is the most radical new experience there is.

To contract into what we are as individuals, is what gives way to the most expansive God Realization experience in the Universe. This is the evolution of God. This contraction is not juxtaposed to the expansion of the universe, in fact the two are nested in one another.


Alright! That is the end of part two.

Next week we will look at the next most crucial aspect of life itself which is the VESSEL. We will look at how degradation happens and why this matters in the context of life itself.


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