Separation Consciousness And Suffering Are EXPANSIONS, Not Devolutions: Part Three

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Today we are going to dive deep into the STRUCTURE of reality, so as to understand how and why degradation happens, if there is no right or wrong/judgement in the universe. This is a big topic and I am so excited to explore it with you.

If you have not yet done so, please go back and read Part One and Part Two in this series to get all the background info that will make this post make sense!

Now, onwards!

Let's Talk About Structure/Truth/Reality

As we explore who and what we are as individuals, we are experiencing a plethora of things.

Most importantly, we are exploring the STRUCTURE of reality and of ourselves - and in this exploration as a separate consciousness we are able, for the first time, to OPPOSE this structure.

What is structure you may ask?

Structure is simply TRUTH.

Truth is that which the Universe IS. It is reality. It is existence as it is known.

The structure can also be thought of as the VESSEL that is holding/conducting the ENERGY of life.

Bringing our exploration of what LIFE itself is together here, we can now see that life has two basic units - that which is being powered/holding/conducting the energy of life, and the energy of life.

We have already covered the energy of life - this is the information that is generated through experience. It is what animates life. It is what provides the juice for movement and expansion to occur. It is the one force, the life force energy, the power of all that is.

The other crucial element to life is the container/conductor of that energy. This is the STRUCTURE we are talking about. The form. The laws. The truth. It is the vessel that facilitates the creation and the movement of the life force energy.

So again, we have the ENERGY of life and we have the STRUCTURE/CONTAINER of that energy.

When we put these two things together - the energy and the vessel - we have CONSCIOUSNESS as a whole. We have the conditions for consciousness to power something, so that it can have an experience, and through that experience it can generate more information, and thus continue to learn, grow and expand.

We have the experience and the experiencer. The generating force and that which is being generated. We have the container that facilitates the movement, and the energy that creates the movement.

The marriage of these two things is what creates the conditions for growth and expansion.

The force and the vessel. 

With this, we can start to understand that if is not just the production of information/generation of energy that matters in this game of life and its capacity to keep living.

The vessel - that which is conducting/holding/providing the space for the one energy to have an experience must also be taken into account. Without the vessel, without the structure there can be no life experience, and without experience there can be no growth and generation of new life force energy.

Again remember, as a whole we are simply consciousness discovering itself. It is us looking at us. The universe experiencing itself through splitting itself in order to have a complete and total view of itself. This in and of itself generates new information/life force and thus expands consciousness.

At the same time, through this splitting there is created the conditions for the universe to become MORE than it already is.

Through the singularity experiences of being separate parts of consciousness having free will to oppose or not oppose the laws, new information about the self is being generated. Now from here, when the singularity choose to ALIGN with the laws, we have the conditions for the laws to EXPAND and EVOLVE. We create the conditions for the actual STRUCTURE of reality to change into something more complex, through the addition of MORE INFORMATION that is a result of the experience of the singular aligning with the universal which creates a scenario that has NEVER been had/seen before.

But we will get to that later. For now, let's keep looking at structure.

From the unity perspective, again there was no energy separate from the vessel. It was all one cosmic soup. When the first split happened - when there was sound - we know that there was that which was the sound, and that which CONTAINED the sound. The space in which the sound existed. The structure of sound itself. Same goes for light. There was the energy, and the form of that energy/the container that held that energy.

This is exactly how ALL of life works.

There is the animating force - the one energy - and there is the vessel/structure that was designed in alignment with the laws of life to hold and conduct that energy.

Now, just like all things, until what is known is tested, until we take what is known and oppose it, challenge it, take it apart, go in another direction, rebel and experience what it is like to attempt to go outside of what is - we don't REALLY know about what is.

In order for something to be truly known, it must be opposed.

This is another gift of separation.

As we live outside of unity consciousness, we have an awareness of ourselves and the laws/structure of reality as being separate. From a unity consciousness perspective there is no separation between the idea of self and the idea of the laws - there is no awareness of either as they are fundamentally assumed to be one.

When consciousness stepped into separation - awareness and that which it is aware of - the opportunity to test the laws was created. In this the opportunity to TRULY LEARN about the structure of reality was created.

Only in the experience of having the laws and having something/someone to oppose or align with the laws do we really know what the laws are. Only in having the opportunity to observe truth through both opposition and alignment can we fully know truth.

This is the second greatest gift of separation. It has given the Universe a chance to truly know itself through trail. Through creating the space for every possible experience of opposition to the laws/structure and every possible experience of alignment with the laws/structure through having infinite aspects of the self animated and able to oppose and align.

This is big stuff. Huge stuff. Mind bending.


Separation is how we are learning about ourselves. It is an evolution.

Next week we are going to continue to look at structure and degradation. For now, just consider that separation may actually be serving expansion rather than working to oppose it.

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