Separation Consciousness And Suffering Are EXPANSIONS, Not Devolutions: Part Five

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I hope you have enjoyed our exploration in Parts One, Two, Three and Four.

Now, let's bring this whole thing home.

Now You Understand The Structure:

To review:

  • Life requires continual expansion and growth. That which is not expanding is dying.
  • There is one energy that powers life. Information.
  • Life continues to expand through the generation of new information.
  • New information is generated through new experiences.
  • Life knew itself as whole and unified. In order to keep living it needed a new experience.
  • This is where 'separation' came into play.
  • To be able learn more about itself, consciousness needed a new vantage point through which to see itself. This required an observer and an observed. In true reality, there is no separation between the observer and the observed, but there is an EXPERIENCE of separation which gives rise to new vantage points and thus new information.
  • Consciousness is what it is. Thus it has a structure. This is what we call truth.
  • Consciousness started to learn about itself through taking itself apart and looking at it's component parts.
  • To oppose the structure is to have a new experience of the structure and thus it generates information.
  • This is what gave rise to the 'individual' consciousness. Still a part of the whole, but a unique fractal of the whole.
  • Within life there is the animating force (the experiencer) and that which is being animated (the thing providing the experience.)
  • Within this structure there is the Universal and the Individual.
  • These two together create a singularity.
  • A singularity that can oppose the laws/structure and thus generate new information while degrading the structure, OR a singularity that go with the laws and structure.
  • When a singularity opposed the laws, because in truth it is one with them, it degrades the vessel and eventually causes a 'death' of that singularity experience.
  • When a singularity goes WITH the laws, it creates the conditions for the laws - itself and the universe - to be expanded.
  • This is true creation. Aligning with the Universal and Individual laws, so as to generate new information about both of these things through a perspective of truth, creating the conditions for an expansion of both.
  • This aligning with the laws is only possible through SELF LOVE, as it is only through the individual experience that the universal can be known and thus aligned with.
  • To be a true creator, to expand God, to expand consciousness, to expand what is - is to know the self, the universal, to align with the truth of both, which generates an EXPERIENCE that has never been had before - thus building upon the structure that is already in form.
  • This is consciousness expansion.

Why Trying To Get Rid Of The Self Is Actually A Devolution:

Now we can understand why this whole idea that in order to be 'awake' we must 'lose the self' actually makes no sense.

To be awake is to be aware of truth.

To try to get rid of a piece of truth - the piece of truth that we ARE and the ONLY piece of truth through which we can access the knowledge of the rest of truth - makes no sense whatsoever.

To try to get rid of the singularity is to erase the conditions for consciousness to have a new, structure building experience.

Thus to try to get rid of the self is to cause yourself to face countless lifetimes of degrading your own vessel to the point of needing to be ejected from it, reconfigured and put into a new vessel to try again.

This is why self love is the only avenue for true awakening.

In self love, we become candidates for universal understanding through self love, because in the self love the risk that we will abandon the self and the singularity experience in favor of wanting only the universal is removed.

We see that to desire to return to the unified perspective is actually a DEVOLUTION not an EVOLUTION - it is a return to a state of consciousness where the Universe lacks self awareness. Is less complete. Has not expanded upon its current structure through new experience. And so we allow ourselves to remain in the individual due to the wisdom of seeing that this is the forefront of God expansion.

When we see that the whole point of this life is to be the singularity, to learn about the ONE energy through the perception of the 'good' and the 'bad', to learn about the Universal Structure through our capacity to oppose it, then to EXPERIENCE in the embodied form the rebellion from truth that leads to suffering, that then calls us into truth which then creates harmony and expansion of life itself - we have then acquired wisdom through the singularity of free will choice. God has grown. In both the rebellion and in the coming home.

Through this experience of CHOICE of alignment that is no longer the set default due to a unified only experience, we are then able to access the cosmic information. Because we are no longer going to use it in an attempt to escape the relative, but rather as a tool to ENHANCE the EXPERIENCE of the relative. We hide this universal from ourselves only so long as we would use it to escape that which is expanding God the most.

It is through fully loving the self that we find no bad parts, only parts that were cut off from the intelligence they needed to behave in accordance with the laws - and then to expand them. We find the struggle was not one of elimination but rather one of unification.

We can then respect and experience the universal by way of the relative. To abandon the relative for any reason can only lead to suffering, as the roots of suffering are separation and rejection.

It is only through self love that we can understand the cosmic, align with it, and in this experience peace within the process of being human.

To experience peace in the expansion of what already is. Into the unknown. Evolving God.

It is through self love that we have access to the whole, because it is the one that is our connection point.

To put this in practical terms I offer you this.


To reject ourselves, to see ourselves as flawed, to try to get rid of parts of ourselves, to fight with one another and the earth - this is all the next phase of growth for the cosmos. So it's fully ok to stay in it. To suffer. To strive to get rid of parts of the self. To do all the things we are doing. TO try to eradicate the Ego. To see good and bad, right and wrong, up and down as all separate and to try to figure out which ones are truth and which ones aren't.

It's all new, it's all information, it's all expansion.

Now, what we see is that of course there is an evolution place beyond this that is available

At some point, we will start to realize that we do not want to return to the cosmic perspective that LACKS the individual, but rather we want to EVOLVE the cosmic perspective to INCLUDE the individual.

When we step into self love, we are saying the universal already existed, now we have gone into separation and experienced all of that - and with these TWO PARTS we now want to evolve even further to put them TOGETHER.

To be the one in the context of the all.

We see that the separation experience is not OUTSIDE of the unity experience, but rather is actually nested IN the universal experience.

It is not something separate. It is not a pole. It is not outside of.

It is a part of it.

True unification includes everything - including separation.

We reject and deny and this is expansion. The pain, the suffering, the denial of self and clamoring to get back to oneness sans the separation - it's all Divine.

Then, we can expand upon it through the inclusion of the one with the all. To see them both. This is the path of self love. Not a regression to the unified, but an expansion of the unified that now knows it's component parts.

How Do We Evolve Past Suffering?

We EMBRACE suffering.

Not as being the ‘point’ of life we are never meant to transcend. We do not embrace suffering from the vantage point that it is the be all end all of life, something that is just part and parcel, something we can never understand and must simply willingly submit to.

Nor do we resist suffering as something that has gone ‘wrong.’ We are not here to ‘fix’ the suffering of the world - our own or that of others - we are not to see it as an enemy to be resisted, overcome, fought against or battled with.

Instead, we embrace the TRUTH of suffering - it is the path to our greatest experience as a consciousness yet. It is a bridge. It is incredibly purposeful and full of richness.

We start to embrace the idea that suffering is the result of our choosing to learn. It is the guidance system that at once is guiding us to see all the pieces of reality as separate parts so that we can more fully understand them, and then it is the guidance that is drawing us FORWARD into CONSCIOUS unity and conscious self expression.

We see that the separation - and the suffering that has come from breaking ourselves against the structure of reality both relative and universal - is and was exactly the necessary thing for us to LEARN about the structure so that we could one day EXPRESS as the true self.

The suffering - once you become aware of it and aware of it enough to notice that you can have an affect over it - is now your greatest teacher. it holds the answers you seek for how to live fully as YOU. As a consciousness that has FREE WILL, that KNOWS ITSELF and KNOWS REALITY and can CHOOSE to EXPAND both through aligning with both - and then creating only what you can create from that singular combination of factors that is YOU. Within the whole.

We embrace the pain of our negative emotions as guidance into where we are living out of alignment with ultimate truth - which is the first ‘point of life’ - we learn what that truth is in a way we have NEVER as a consciousness known before because we had never had an experience of it - and then we CHOOSE to align with truth.

This is the ultimate expansion experience. It is the leading leading leading edge. It is the ultimate of ultimates up to this point.

We embrace the suffering as the PATH to KNOWLEDGE of SELF AND THE UNIVERSE that will then enable us to express as has never been expressed before. That will then enable us to fully put the pieces of the puzzle together, so as to create a picture we can then expand upon.

This is the purpose of suffering.

We break reality apart, we break ourselves apart, we rebel from the structure and in this we LEARN.

Then, eventually, once we have done this enough, we become aware.

Through this awareness, we relax into the suffering.

We look for the truths the suffering hold.

Then, we choose to align with them. In this, we start to put the pieces together as has never been done before.

You can then express as you within the structure. The paradox is made complete through your individual expression that was ONLY MADE POSSIBLE through your separation/rebellion/suffering.

Suffering is the path, it is the key, it is the answer - until it isn’t anymore. It is the guidance to the truth and once that truth is seen - for the FIRST TIME - you can live in joy.

The suffering is the way to joy. It is the path, if you allow yourself to learn from it. It is not a mistake. You have done nothing wrong. The point was to come here, not know, rebel and learn through that rebellion. The pain is guiding you to seek putting it together when the time is right. This is all.

Are you ready to start putting things back together?

If so, you know where to start.

Your own heart.

Love is the key.

Self love is the key.

You hold it.


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