There Is No ONE Answer To WHY We Feel Terrible In The System, But We CAN Start To Change It

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There Is No ONE Answer To WHY We Feel Terrible In The System, But We CAN Start To Change It:

Our education systems are essentially propaganda wings of the government, designed to help us be prepared to go out into the world and be successful, but rather to create a society of people who are good at following orders, regurgitating facts and who have never been taught how to critically think.

We are launched from school into the workforce and at this point, the skills we acquire in school have almost NOTHING to do with the skills required to live in our current society.

Also, we’re taught a history and a way of viewing ourselves and the world that is heavily biased towards the country we live in and the ideals they need us to hold in order for us to uphold the systems.

There are, for the most part, only GOOD and truly CARING people who work as teachers and educators, who genuinely do their BEST to help and serve in the system. Who are making massive impacts on students. These people are heroes. But the SYSTEM they’re working with is failing them. Without the educators I’ve had in my life, I would not be who I am today. And I am so sad that all of them had to work with what they had to work with.

They are given SUCH little support, such little resources and have to teach things that aren’t true or helpful. Educators are amazing - and what they have to do is heartbreaking.

Medicine and Science are two wings of human evolution that have given us SO much hope, technology and capacity to thrive. The scientific method as well as all we’ve learned about the body has been the reason we went from an average life expectancy of 30ish to around 70 in Westernized countries. I most certainly wouldn’t be alive right now without science and modern medicine.

But due to our for profit EVERYTHING system, these institutions have been deeply corrupted. 

Medicine and technology is funded by, owned by, and produced by those who run the rest of the system - so there's always ulterior motives in all that's being generated and the information we're being given.

We don't know who or what to trust, because at the end of the day, no one is fully trustworthy or getting a full view of what's REALLY happening/being discovered. Everything is coming through someones filter/motivation.

We’ve been sucked into a vortex where we are dependent upon these systems that with one hand are supporting us and with the other are manipulating and taking advantage of us in order to profit those playing.

It’s a total mixed bag.

There’s no perfection in it, and we still have SO much to learn - and a lot of that learning isn’t happening/isn’t being funded/isn’t available to the masses due to the fact that money is involved.

MOST scientist and health care workers again, are hero's. Doing SO well within the confines of their fields. Helping and saving lives. Just like educators, for the most part, those involved in these public services are genuinely trying to help and ARE helping. Again, within a system that’s fucking them.

We Demonize Our Bodies And Are Dehumanized Constantly:

We’ve been trained to literally demonize our own BODIES, our own mental states, our own capacity to work. We’ve been gaslit into buying the never ending cycles of self help/self improvement/spiritual upgrading, thinking that our pain and misery is being caused by OUR lack of ‘something’ - that once achieved will lead to this magical ‘after’ where we are finally LOVED - and in this love we will be GIVEN what we NEED to survive and thrive.

It’s a core childhood wound being played out over and over again, and perpetuated by an economic system that PROFITS off of our insecurity.

The systems we have would collapse immediately if all of us stopped hating ourselves.

So many of our consumer goods would cease being seen as valuable if we started to see our OWN inherent value.

We continually work to improve ourselves to make ourselves more valuable to a system that CAN’T value us, because we have to be constantly not good enough to keep buying and consuming. That’s how it works. If we actually ‘got there’ and felt good about ourselves, the ENTIRE system would collapse. Think about that for a moment the next time someone tries to pump you up with self improvement talk. If you actually GOT where they are saying they can get you (for only $444), they’d put THEMSELVES and 90% of all other industries OUT OF BUSINESS. Our economy fully runs on our lack of self love. Period.

We live in a dehumanized system.

It’s devoid of feeling, connection to the earth and connection with ourselves and therefore others.

We are all feeling a lack of purpose, meaning and hope because all that society has to offer is fitting in so that you can make enough money to survive.

We glamorize and glorify celebrities, social media icons, sports players and so on, partially because they represent the ‘dream’ of working hard and ‘making it’ that is for the most part, a total fiction AND because they give us an outlet to feel connection to something. They give us a place to unload our EMOTIONS where we have no other space in our lives. They give us a feeling of CONNECTION to someone ‘like us’ because we’re so afraid to actually BE ourselves that our social interactions are often devoid of anything real. Our interactions with OURSELVES are all gatekeeping and self judgement in an attempt to be like-able and therefore SAFE. We aren’t ever safe, not even in our own company.

We fight over shit that doesn’t matter because it makes us feel like we’re doing something and ignore the actual issues we’re looking at because to tackle THOSE things feels totally impossible. We live to be stimulated and numbed. Because that’s how we convince ourselves to keep going in this system that asks us to sacrifice our entire beings. We are addicted to our media, and that media is used as a tool for spreading even MORE problematic ways of life like violence, war, genocide, racism, sexism, saviors and so on as being justified and right. It normalizes much of what is killing all of us.

This system leaves behind anyone who doesn’t have the capacity to play.

If you can’t work hard or work in a way that allows you to do something the society deems valuable, you’re cast aside.

And it tells us to be OK with those who can’t keep up perishing or suffering.

We’re trained to victim blame without even seeing we’re doing it.


This System Doesn’t Work For Anyone:

It fundamentally REQUIRES that there are people at the bottom who are being exploited for their labor so that those at the top can make a profit off of what’s being produced. It requires that there are ALWAYS those with less access who are then desperate enough to work for less than a living wage in order to keep the rich rich. Wealth can only be generated via someone or something being valued at less than they are worth. THAT’S HOW WEALTH IS HOARDED - because in the natural world, this isn’t possible. Without exploitation or inflation there can ONLY be one to one exchange. 

Our system NEEDS those who are desperate and therefore will do things out of desperation to survive and get by, that can then be criminalized. This criminalization works to keep people scared, works to keep people fearing their neighbor instead of fighting the system, and it works to keep people down so that they can be further exploited.

It requires that those in the middle class have just enough to feel like they have power and freedom, but never so much that they actually feel GOOD or satisfied - because they NEED to keep working and consuming in order to keep the profits coming.

It requires that government and law enforcement utilize violence to protect those who have so much more than anyone else.

It requires that we are constantly divided amongst ourselves, distracted, stimulated, numbed, dreaming of finally being ‘good’ enough - always looking to fix ourselves so that we don’t try to fix the system.

It requires that those at the top fully disconnect from their humanity. That they accept the exploitation required to do what they do and live how they live.

It requires that they allow themselves to pollute, destroy the planet, and manufacture at rates that can’t be sustained.

It requires that they shit all over everyone else. They have to lose their souls to be there. And so many of them are born into it.

They’ve never known anything else. They feel afraid of the masses who want to come for them. No one is happy. No one is thriving. No one is doing WELL.

We Operate The System:

All of these systems are operated on a day to day basis by people, and most of these people are genuinely GOOD people. Most teachers are good. Most doctors and healthcare workers are good. Most scientists are good. So many politicians and lawyers and law enforcement agents are there trying to do the right thing by people.

They are caught as victims of a system they didn’t create.

People who are poor DEPEND on methods of production and consumption that further proliferate exploitation.

You literally have to be of a certain status already to have the means to make a more educated choice.

Getting out is almost impossible. 

There’s GOOD in all of our systems. That’s what makes this so muddy. It’s not all bad. If it were, we wouldn’t be able to be fooled into compliance. People are good. The people involved in these systems are generally speaking, totally in it for the right reasons. It’s the system itself that’s rotten. At the same time, the system has benefited us as a humanity and it’s our source for...everything. Because it’s carried out by good people, normal people who are just trying to survive or who are doing their best to make this world a better place - we have grown a lot as a species. We’ve evolved and innovated and shown how we can show up for one another in truly heart squeezing ways. We HAVE made progress towards more equity. We’ve fought for things to get better and won. Medicine, technology, science, politics, education, media - all of it has served us. All of it is FILLED with amazing humans trying to move us forward. All of it has given rise to all the GOODNESS we enjoy.

It’s not black and white. We can’t throw it all out. We can’t point to a THING and say THIS IS THE PROBLEM - because the problem is the FOUNDATION of not knowing what we’re doing, and thinking we can get ahead by hurting and taking from others. Using the land and others as tools for our own advancement is the fundamental flaw that birthed all that’s robbing us of our capacity to live joyfully

The way we’ve been trained to COPE WITH the system further supports the system.

Our desire to numb out in front of our screens, invest in shows and celebrities, to shop, to consume, to over produce to try to earn our worth and value - it’s all a snake eating its own tail that works to continue to deteriorate us.

We are all dependent upon this system, and on the one hand, it serves us. It is literally how we acquire all we need. We are all a part of it. Therefore it’s not all evil. It’s not all corrupted. Most of our reality is just good people trying their best to survive in the system that exists.

We are all participating in this system, often blind to how we personally uphold and benefit from it.

We feel it though.

We look for black and white things to demonize and things to praise because the fact that this is all so GREY is incredibly confusing.

We’ve become victim to grifters and people who promise better alternatives to deeply broken systems, who are doing so purely for their own gain. They are using the fact that we have no idea who or what to trust because everything is both good and bad to their advantage. We’ve watched as good, educated people get called shills and evil due to their ‘mainstream’ viewpoints - when the mainstream viewpoint is actually correct. We’ve lost our capacity to think critically, because we are all at once and to varying degrees a part of the system, being used and abused by the system and benefiting from the system. There’s so little clarity and it’s only getting muddier.

Our Attempts To Fix The System Don't Work:

Finally, with all this, the solutions we’ve attempted to employ to ‘fix’ what we can feel to some degree isn’t working are totally ineffectual.

We turn to self help and pseudo-spirituality, constantly striving to ‘improve’ or fix ourselves, make ourselves more desirable, capable or worthy in the system OR trying to ‘transcend’ ourselves and how we feel within the system, thinking THIS will be the answer to being able to get along in it without being harmed. We don’t see our actual agency and where self empowerment COULD be useful in tearing us OUT of what doesn’t work. We think we are flawed for all the ways we can’t succeed/are showing signs of PAIN. We turn on one another, choosing sides, picking battles that don’t matter, identifying with ideologies and causes that then allow for ‘othering’ amongst ourselves.

We blame the people who are running the programs who are totally in good faith as the CAUSE of the problems. We see people upholding the harmful parts of our systems and blame them as CAUSE not SYMPTOM. We scapegoat those doing ACTUAL GOOD within our systems and write people off as shills who are actually doing the good work we need done. We scapegoat those most deeply TRAUMATIZED and ABUSED by the system.

We celebrate that which destroys us. We oversimplify everything, thinking that ALL of an institution is BAD. That a spiritual teacher or grifter is GOOD due to their contrarian nature. We believe there is an easy answer and the fact that it’s not being employed is evidence for how stupid everyone is. We totally over-blow the reality of the hierarchy we live in, projecting a perfected evil plot onto those who are running the show but at the end of the day aren’t organized and planning a big overhaul of the system - they don't need to overhaul the system or change anything about it.

They have all the power and resources.

Nothing has shifted for millennia.

Nothing will.

We look for a perfected savior that can’t exist because it’s a SYSTEM not a ‘thing’.

We can’t take what IS working and what IS right from an institution while being able to discern the flaws.

We are black and white and this causes us to lose the plot entirely.

We think love and light is the answer. Becoming more poised. Fighting middle men. We make up stories of alien races and conduct that is out of science fiction and then obfuscate the ACTUAL system at play. We just get more confused as we try to dig ourselves out. 

This isn’t new. It’s literally ALWAYS been this way so long as there have been large governments governing large population groups. The WAYS in which this control is exercised shift and change, but the fact that we are indeed NOT free, is the through-line. If a freedom can be so easily revoked, was it ever a freedom?

Nothing is changing here.

Perhaps we’re all allowing ourselves to be stirred up by something that looks new and thinking we are ‘doing something’ by protesting or resisting a topical issue, not realizing that what we are projecting onto this topic is in fact, our feelings of knowing something is out of whack but not being able to put our finger on it, because it’s all hidden in plain sight. This is all normal to us. So we feel it, but we don’t know WHY we feel it. Then when something like this happens we all get triggered - not necessarily because THIS thing is actually what we think it is, but because it’s novel and we think ‘AHA THERE IT IS! The reason I feel this way!’ Because the reality is, the reason we feel this way is the water we’re swimming in. We keep trying to fix ourselves, looking to ‘them’ to demonize, trying to liberate ourselves WITHIN the system via the system vs. trying to dismantle the system itself. 

I’m not saying I know what this current situation is or isn’t. Again to me, it looks totally grey and I feel like all sides have their points of truth. Otherwise they couldn’t exist. But again, I think we all need to take a step back and consider the larger picture here. We’re upset for good reason, and I think it’s bigger than what’s happening topically.

None of us opted INTO this system consciously or willingly.

There have been a LOT of amazing things that have come out of it. We’ve progressed.

Many, many people have worked within the system to create some amazing things. Some mundane but good things. We’ve seen countless examples of good people being good. Many have fought to change things and there HAS been change. So again, this isn’t to blame anyone.

We were ALL born into this thing that’s been rolling for a LONG time.

And we’re all doing our best as far as I can see, with the trauma inherent in what we were given.

Humanity IS AMAZING.

And we live in a fundamentally flawed system.

To varying degrees in different places.

But we’ve lost touch with the value of life.

That’s our base problem.

Many of us are waking back up to it, and that’s why we feel so bad in what we have.

This IS the system. This isn’t a CHANGE in the system.

You see?