Why I Don’t Believe In Conspiracy Theories – But I Also Don’t Think What’s Happening Is RIGHT

Hello Love!

For the next three posts, I'm going to be diving deep into why I don't believe in conspiracy theories - and why this doesn't meant that I think everything that's happening in our world is 'as it appears' or 'as it should be.'

If you're feeling like there's something DEEPLY wrong with our world and world systems - you're not alone and you're not wrong.

If you feel like there's something deeply wrong with YOU that you can't fit into the world - you're not alone and I can almost guarantee that what's 'wrong' with your life isn't YOU.

There's a big difference between believing there's a grand, evil plot to take over the world, and seeing that there are fundamental systems driving the world that have always been there.

There's a big difference between feeling like there's some 'thing' we can point to and try to eliminate in order to make the world 'better' and realizing that change is going to be slow and systemic.

There's a big difference between falling into fantastical explanations for why reality is unfolding how it is, and allowing ourselves to see the true patterns so that we can start to disengage while also figuring out what to do instead.

THIS is what I want to look at.

So if you're feeling like something is deeply wrong with our society, or like there's something deeply wrong with YOU when you can't get yourself to do what's expected of you in society - these next few weeks are going to be right up your alley.

Let's stop projecting fantasy onto our reality as well as releasing the idea that all things can be remedied through self improvement - and figure out what the truth is, shall we?


I Don't Believe In Conspiracies:

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I believe that the truth is always observable - it can never be hidden for long. No agenda that’s being played out on a national or global scale can be concealed in true reality. We can be conditioned and gas-lit so that we don’t see it - but it’s never hidden. Not really. This is how I personally see things.

I know we’re all stirred up by the current situation, the 'medicine', the seeming repercussions of what could happen if we go down this ‘slippery slope’ of mandates, restrictions, new rules and seemingly new social classes and structures.

Many are feeling like this is a new president being set and they're not ok with it.

We as a society generally don’t trust institutions and we're struggling in certain ways to find those we CAN trust.

We feel like this is the beginning of our freedoms being revoked.

An evil plan that’s being taken to a new phase.

A shift from what was happening into something new and newly sinister.

We’re feeling like we’re seeing a shift to a worldwide system of organization that’s going to rate us, socially categorize us, and then place us based on our cooperation. We’re going to be taken hostage, removed from the freedoms we currently enjoy.

I’m failing to see how this is not ALREADY the world we live in. I don’t see a conspiracy or a plan being carried out/moved to a new level. I see a system that’s always existed that’s simply carrying on, business as usual.

Let's explore how this is the case, and how our current situation may actually just be triggering us to see what's already happening, vs. being something NEW that's beginning to happen.

This IS The System We Already Have:

Our money is already fake.

All currency is backed by the U.S dollar which is backed by the world of the U.S. It’s all numbers on a screen that is essentially controlled by ONE entity.

There hasn’t been actual VALUE behind money in many decades.

I’m not sure who out there has their own Gringotts vault of silver or something with ACTUAL value for human life, but last time I checked all of us are using currency that is numbers on a screen. A fiction. Backed by nothing. This is a simplification of course, but generally speaking, this is the state of things. At any moment, any of us could have that number erased. The debt that money represents seized because it’s all debt. The ‘economy could collapse’ and that perceived value will be eliminated. Debt is fake. It’s manufactured. We’re all playing with Monopoly money. The single world digital banking system IS the system we have. It looks slightly more complex and divided than the feared future we’re heading towards, but it’s ultimately what we already have - and HAVE had for a LONG time. Most of us don’t actually OWN any of the valuable assets we have, we are borrowing them. We’ve taken out a loan of debt money to go farther into debt.

Most wealth - that which has actual value - is already hoarded at the top of society and it just keeps being passed around and accumulated at the top.

That’s how our economy is set up.

Because our economy is backed up by nothing but words, and because those at the top NEED the system to remain how it is to stay where they are - it's not likely we will see a 'crash' or some true economic downturn/change in how things are operating. It's been going like this for a LONG time and it WORKS for those at the top.

It's not going to collapse any time soon. That wouldn't work for those hoarding the wealth. We need to remember this. This is the system they're winning in, and they're going to fight to keep it this way.

We’re already being tracked.

That device you’re likely using to read this post has been tracking you ever since you bought it.

We know for a fact that large tech companies are selling the data they are collecting on us to governments and other interested parties. They use it to target you with advertisements mostly, which is already weird enough, but to think that you’re not already tracked and traced if anyone wanted to find you doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

In order to NOT be tracked you’d have to opt out of a LOT of society and our technologies. It would be difficult to get off the grid and be untraceable. You’d have to get rid of all digital banking. All technology that hooks you up to the internet. You’d have to give up your passport and I.D’s. Your driver's license. Your visas to other countries. You’d have to become essentially self-sufficient because the moment you use anything within society you’re a part of it.

It usually, ironically, takes a lot of capital to be able to get out of having to use capital/relying upon the systems you have to be tracked in order to live within. It’s just not a practical solution for most of us.

Most of us are never going to be of any interest to the government, and that’s why most of us don’t mind the ways we’re being tracked and have for the most part, normalized them.

Again at most for the majority of us this tracking equals targeted advertisements as we surf our favourite social’s sites. Many of us feel paranoid that we’re being ‘watched’ because of the information we’re seemingly bringing to light on facebook and youtube - and for the most part, this is unwarranted because at the end of the day, if you’re really a threat, we know what happens - Edward Snowden. You don’t wonder if you’re being traced, you know. The consequences for ACTUALLY going against the system in a meaningful way, again, Edward Snowden. You don’t just get your social pages muted for a few days when you’re really onto anything.

Worrying that this tracking is going to be used against you in some truly life altering way is unwarranted for *most* of us who aren't truly threatening the system. At most, we're just going to be irritated that our phones know what we want to buy.

The main point of the tracking is commerce, not control. It's being used as a tool to coerce you into consuming what you otherwise might not have.

We have a pay to play legal system and political system.

We don’t actually feel safe or protected because for the most part, we aren’t.

We are who the system is protecting the top of society FROM.

We don’t have justice.

We don’t have, for the most part, leaders looking out for the collective best interest. Not generally speaking.

Yes, there are people within the legal and political systems who DO want to help. Who DO want to do good. Who ARE on the side of the people - law and politics are made up of people and those people are not a monolith and it’s important to realize that.

But the SYSTEM itself is set up for protecting the profits of those already at the top. Not people. It’s ALWAYS been this way.

We are either playing along with what works for the system or we’re being punished. We can look and EASILY see the corruption in our institutions. J.E paid to play. G.F got murdered in broad daylight and there had to be a long court proceeding to ‘determine’ the cause of his death. Had it not been caught on camera, that would have just been another day.

The law enforcement system was set up to protect those with the most FROM those with the least - and to make sure those with the least STAY having such deep insecurity that they can constantly be exploited and scapegoated as a tool for reinforcing the system.

It was set up to enforce manufactured insecurity via unfair punishment and asset seizing from people groups targeted by the system. It was set up to carry out the wars on PEOPLE that the powerful need to enact to stay in power.

Politicians are bought and paid for by large corporations and other entities that have specific personal desires for how the world should work. Decisions aren’t made based on what would be best for humanity currently OR long term, they are made based on what’s best for those who are paying to play’s bottom line.  To lesser and greater extents all over the world we don’t have justice.

We see what happens to people who actually attempt to disrupt the systems. They are vilified, attacked, their lives are made exceedingly difficult, force and violence is used and sometimes even execution. If you haven’t noticed this, it's likely because you exist in a group that the system benefits more from your comfort and seeming security than it does in keeping you feeling insecure/withholding resources and access from you.

There are several different ‘realities’ in our system based on where you are on the totem pole, and this often leads us to believe that anyone having a different experience than we are is lazy, bad, wrong or deserving whatever suffering or punishment their receiving - and this is all a part of the conditioning that makes it so that we don’t challenge the status quo.

They can already seize your assets.

Anytime they want. If they aren’t doing it, again, it’s because you’re of more value to keeping the system going while you believe you have buying power and that that is freedom than you are being intentionally exploited/kept away from access. But make no mistake, they can and would find any reason they needed to to rip your life away from you if they wanted. 

We already deny people access based on their status in society.

Denied access is built into our systems.

Always has been.

Again, most of the time it’s not governments directly telling us where we can and can’t go - although this totally is already a thing, especially in other nations around the globe - but rather we as society work on behalf of the system to keep OURSELVES from accessing parts of society that are above or below our ‘place.’

If you don’t have access to the resources to get a certain education, you are kept out of certain parts of society - and we gate-keep that. If you don’t ‘look’ the part of this or that, people won’t hire you/buy from you. You don’t have the right passport/nationality? Again you’re kept out. You don’t have the right skin tone? You won’t get the job. You won’t get the interview.

If you haven’t been noticing how we’re already fully socially judged, categorized and given our place in society, it’s likely because you’ve been slotted into a position with actual upwards mobility OR no need for upward mobility because you’re already living in a class of people with a LOT of access. This isn’t to infantilize those who are struggling in our system OR to say that those who are in positions with access DON’T struggle or have to work hard. This system is shit for EVERYONE. That’s the real truth. But it is to say that this idea that we can all of a sudden LOSE access to things based on a status? Already a thing. Always has been. Nothing new here.

I’m thinking that our reaction to what’s currently happening is in many ways a kind of scapegoat we’re using.

Not to say that what’s happening ISN’T happening or ISN’T something to be concerned about on ALL levels. No matter HOW you view this situation, it most certainly has highlighted the fact that we have a LOT of issues as a global community. I think a LOT of us have been FEELING like society is messed up, feeling that we’re suffering, feeling that things aren’t working and that we only have the illusion of freedom rather than ACTUAL freedom - but we’ve not been able to clearly identify WHY we feel this way - mostly because we have been so conditioned to accept the systems we have as ‘normal.’

We’ve been conditioned to reject ourselves when we can’t ‘keep up’ vs. questioning the status quo.

We’ve been conditioned to be riled up by topics of the day, little squabbles, sports teams and media and all of this covers our capacity to really see what’s going on.

We exist in pockets of society that seemingly have security and what we need, but always FEEL insecure. Who can work hard for what we have, but in so doing we have to sacrifice parts of ourselves. We’ve grown up in a world that has celebrated and even spiritualized the process of our dehumanization in exchange for goods and resources and we’re wondering WHY we feel like such garbage. Then when we DO talk about how horrible we feel, we’re patholagized or labelled a conspiracy theorist.

We all feel like shit, but for the most part can’t actually identify WHY because WHY is systemic, hidden in plain sight and we’ve been gaslit in a plethora of ways to blame ourselves, one another or minute PARTS of the system instead of seeing the bigger picture.


This is my intro.

I have more.

Come back next week if you wanna dive deeper with me.