Why Your Practices Need To Be About Becoming YOURSELF

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Last week we explored the idea that who and what you are IS a PART of all that is. There is no separation between ‘you’ and ‘all’. That you being you IS you expanding the Universe.

This week we are going to look deeper into how we can use spiritual practices TRULY effectively, to support ACTUAL evolution rather than allowing them to be tools of self distraction.

Next week will look at how this all fits together, and following that I have a video for you!

Let’s get to it.


Spiritual Practices Are Meant To Draw You Deeper Into YOU:

Now that we understand that the ‘self’ is an important piece of reality, we can start to see that spiritual practices are meant to draw us deeper into understanding ourselves.

We don’t meditate to become good meditators. We don’t practice asana to be gymnasts. We don’t become martial artists to be victorious in fights. We don’t read spiritual materials to simply feed our intellect, so that we can have ‘enlightened conversations.’ We don’t do healing sessions for the sake of filling time or convincing ourselves we are different. We don’t apply cleaning principals or alter our food intake so as to look healthy or to shift our appearance. We don’t dedicate hours to ANYTHING with the intention of ‘changing’ ourselves and come out the other side awakened, enlightened or otherwise wise.

No. Not if we want truth. Freedom. Happiness or fulfillment.

The whole point of any true spiritual practice, any true cleansing practice, any true discipline is to become more aware of who and what you are, so you can express and grow that - for yourself and for the whole world.

You Aren’t Here To Be A Caricature: 

These tools, when used correctly, will not turn you into what a ‘spiritual’ person ‘should’ look like. They won’t turn you into what a martial artist ‘should’ look like. They won’t turn you into what a ‘cleansed’ person ‘should’ look like. They won’t turn you into any carbon copied idea of any ‘should’ 

Because you are a unique individual. 

When used properly, these tools will give you the awareness of where you are rejecting yourself, where you are rejecting reality and WHY you are doing this. You will start to see all the pain, shame, trauma and rejection that led you here. All the misunderstanding and lack of awareness. You will see the innocence in all of your pain, in all of the ways you are living out of alignment with truth, all the ways you are ‘going along with the crowd’ - as well as what you need to do to align yourself with yourself. 

When used correctly your practices will connect you to your pain, to your suffering, to where you don’t know what else to do, to where you don’t even know what you don’t know about yourself and reality - so that you can DISCOVER new elements of reality. In that discovery, you will learn new ways of being - being YOURSELF within the true structure of reality - so you can evolve the ONE PIECE of all that is that you have power over - yourself.

In this, as you embrace and evolve what you are, you are embracing reality as a whole. In order to evolve yourself, you must be learning to get your needs and desires met (your individual self) within the structure of reality (the universal self.) Thus, as you discover and express yourself, you learn about the wider reality. As you learn about the wider reality, you are then given the information and tools you need to better live as and express yourself.

THIS is the true point of LIFE. 

Evolving All That Is, Through Evolving Yourself:

Building upon the tapestry of all of everything, through expanding more and more into what you are, through living more and more in alignment with reality itself. THIS is what practices are designed to help you do.

Through this, you will see that each time you discover something new about yourself, you discover an element of yourself that wants to be expressed. This is the need/desire part. You will see that all of your coping mechanisms, neurosis, shame, pain and self sabotage are rooted in not understanding who and what you are, not understanding how reality works and therefore not being able to properly and fully EXPRESS who and what you are. You are turning to you coping mechanisms, necrosis and self sabotage in an attempt to express yourself in the limited ways you understand yourself. 

  • You will discover that the binge/purge is a way of feeling like you can ‘stuff down’ the emotions you don’t know how to work with to find WHY you are in pain, and a way of feeling like you can ‘get rid of’ those emotions.
  • You will discover that you overspend as a way of trying to make yourself feel abundant when in reality you feel like life is constantly taking from you that which you desire and you don’t know how to sustainably have that which you want.
  • You will discover the constant drama in your relationship is a result of you feeling the need to be seen and heard. Because you don’t know how to truly allow yourself to be vulnerable with someone so as to be seen, because you are ashamed of who you are and afraid to let love in, because you are scared if you do and it goes away you will be worse off. You will see that you start the fights to get that need for attention met, without having to be truly vulnerable. You are also then reinforcing your idea that it isn’t safe to expose yourself because you KNOW you will be misunderstood and the fight justifies this.

Over and over you will see that what is really required of you is not to ‘get rid of’ the ‘bad’ behaviour, but to understand that YOU need to evolve to become someone who can stand up for themselves in relationships, who can own what they want to do and be - and live that rather than looking to conform and thus needing to binge and purge. You will have to become complex enough to see how your mindsets about life and your capacity to provide for yourself are limited, and you will need to learn to evolve your way of being in this life to meet your desires for abundance in healthy ways. You will need to learn to love who and what you are enough that you are capable of showing up in a relationship with your truest self, and to become capable of loving who you are and asking for what you want regardless of whether or not your partner loves you or can provide for you what you are asking.

YOU will have to evolve. You will have to see that your current way of living and current environment are not meeting your needs, and thus you are suffering. The need isn’t going anywhere, and this way of being isn’t ever going to meet it. So you can continue to fight with yourself, look to get rid of aspects of yourself and so on - and continue to suffer - OR you can embrace who and what you are, what you want, what you need - and in that evolve yourself to be more complex. In that evolving reality itself because you ARE one with all things.

Your practices are meant to draw you deeper into awareness of self - both relative and universal - so you can understand your needs and desires, and you can understand how to evolve YOURSELF so as to meet your needs and desires.

You will find that each time you do this, your awareness of yourself and reality expands simultaneously. As you embrace yourself more, you see more and more of your own complexity, and this drives you to understand the UNIVERSE better, because in order to meet your needs, you must do so WITHIN reality. The only place to express yourself is IN REALITY. 

You cannot fight with reality to become yourself. You must LEARN ABOUT how reality works, and figure out how to meet your needs within that structure in order to have success in this life.

It's All About Life Generation:

Thus, the more you learn about you the more you are going to have to learn about reality as a whole. The more you learn about reality as a whole, the more you will understand how to be yourself.

From here, you will notice that each expression, each discovery of self that leads to discovery of reality that leads to a new expression then becomes the foundations for the next thing you are capable of evolving and expanding into. The next thing to discover about yourself that just became ‘real’ through the last evolution. What you just grew into can now be grown into something even more complex.

Thus, the life generating spiral continues. Each time you discover something about yourself, you are then driven to discover more about reality. As you discover more about reality, you then become capable of expressing what you have desired to express within yourself that was yet unexpressed. This EVOLVES you into a more complex being. That more complex being is then capable of expressing in an even MORE complex way. Which leads to the desire for something new. Which then leads you to discover something new about yourself. Then reality. And then expression. And so on and so forth forever as long as you choose to keep growing.

Your practices are there to help you become aware of the next aspect of you that needs discovering and expression, to help you slow down to see parts of reality you have never seen before (interact with the unknown) and to give you the courage to step out as the ever evolving new version of yourself with or without the approval of other humans.

THAT is the point.

Next week we will finish this off by looking at how we can use practices as a DISTRACTION from the real work of waking up, and how to navigate this so as to use them for their true purpose.


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