You Exists! And Why That Matters


For the next four weeks we are going to be exploring the idea that you are a self, and that this idea is not at odds with the idea that we are all one - but in fact is ONE with the idea that we are all one. We are going to explore WHY you being you is your contribution to the expansion of all that is - and why using spiritual practices in any way other than as tools to help you discover and express your truest self is a distraction from the truth.

You are here to be you.

You are here to do practices that allow you to more fully be you.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be confused by doctrine that was at one point awakened revealed truth, but is now an incomplete view of where our consciousness is capable of being.

All things must evolve to be life - and right now we are ready for an evolution in our awareness of self.

Today we will explore WHY you exist, and next week we will look more at the point of spiritual practices. The following week I have a video for you explaining all of this in a slightly different way.

I hope this serves to encourage you on your path.


Outdated Philosophy Needs An Evolution:

Just because some are not at the point in their journey where they are able to handle paradox - does not mean YOU have to allow yourself to deny reality.

In the spiritual world - there are two main ideas that when looked at, can show us where we need to expand our understanding of reality and how we can do this - and these areas are around the individual self vs. universal awareness and the purpose of spiritual practices.

To get us started, we first must understand that the self is not an illusion. 

You ARE an individual. This is a PART of reality.

The Universal perspective - that which states that all of us are in essence of the same source and substance is ALSO true. 

You don’t have to accept one idea over the other - and you will notice that when you try to choose just one you are left in a delusional state of having to deny the opposing aspect of reality - that is very much APPARENT. 

We come up with lots of reasons for why this is not denial but rather ‘spiritual’ - saying that the self is simply a ‘persistent illusion’ - to protect ourselves from having to admit we are simply choosing to deny facts. This is innocent. First off, complication intimidates us and we want clear set boundaries. Second, most of us so deeply associate our pain with our personalities/individual identities, so when we hear an idea that tells us that the source of our pain is an illusion, we are apt to buy into that. Because if the self doesn’t exist, that means if we can just ‘realize’ that, out pain will also magically disappear! We WANT to deny the aspects of reality that clearly indicate that there are individual selves - but that doesn’t change reality. As we reject and deny what is, we only cause ourselves MORE pain and suffering. Even though the lie may sound good in the moment, it doesn’t lead to lasting peace - because no lie can lead to peace. 

If we TRULY seek peace - we must become COMPLEX ENOUGH to be capable of understanding reality how IT IS - rather than fighting with reality to try to wrangle it into the small boxes we currently feel comfortable with.

In reality, you are an individual arising within the fabric of the One - you are an aspect of all that is, that is simultaneously connected to the rest of all that is. You are both one with all of it and separate within it. It’s both. You exist as a self, and that self is a PART of the whole.


Spiritual Practices Are Meant To Connect You With YOU:

Which leads us to the next idea - spiritual practices are designed to allow you to step more filling into WHO YOU ARE - so that you can evolve yourself.


Because, as you evolve yourself, as you express yourself, as you discover yourself and discover life through your specific vantage point, you expand, express and discover ALL THAT IS. All that is, is evolved THROUGH you evolving what YOU are - as you are a part of all that is.

When you expand upon the thread that you are, you expand upon the whole tapestry. When you discover yourself, the whole tapestry discovers what you are - and thus more about itself. Your individual life of growth, challenge, falling down, hurting, change, expansion, discovery and expression IS the growth of consciousness as a whole.

You living as you, is you doing your part to evolve all that is.

All that is is being evolved through each of us living our individual story lines.

The more you get to know yourself, the more you get to know reality. The more you align with who and what you are at your core and express that, the more you will see that you NATURALLY desire to live in ways that are supportive of ALL life. As you truly become more aware of yourself, your essence, that portion of reality that you are, the more you will find yourself understanding ALL of reality. 

Because it’s all connected.

If you want to live a life of service to the whole, to be TRULY benevolent - grow yourself. Watch how this personal growth brings you joy, brings you a longer, healthier life, and makes apparent to you how to adjust EVERYTHING in your life to align with what is supportive of ALL life. You will see that there is no such thing as benefiting yourself at the cost of others, or sacrificing yourself for the good of others - because you are one with all. As you serve yourself, TRULY serve yourself, you serve all.

Next week, we will look deeper at the TRUE purpose of spiritual practices.

For now, sink into this. You exist. You matter.


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