Eating Disorder/Body Image/Weight Management/Self Esteem Resources Guide

Hello Beautiful.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder, body image issues, body hate, self image issues, weight loss/weight gain struggles or low self esteem - This is the place to be for resources on your path.

Moving forward from this place of self hate is possible - but it is going to take time and effort.

YOU ARE SO WORTH this time and effort.

Recovering from eating disorder behaviour is something that we must realize is a commitment we are making.

At it’s roots, an eating disorder/body obsession is something we are using to help us repress, deny, ignore and otherwise keep from expressing aspects of ourselves, our desires and our natural way of being. We are also using our focus on food and the body as a way of trying to cope with and manage the many traumas we have faced in life.

A trauma is something that happened to us that we didn’t understand.

It was an event that we thought should not have happened, or an event that didn’t happen hat we expected too.

Much of this took place in our childhoods and a lot of the time we are not even consciously aware anymore of what happened. However in this, because we did not learn how reality works, we are going to face the same trauma over and over again in our lives today as adults, as this is what we have yet to learn and understand in order to enable us to express who and what we are. 

This learning about how reality actually functions through integrating our traumas and understanding why they happened is what gives us the ability to understand the nature of reality.

With this understanding we can create what we wish to create!

Without this understanding, we cannot because if you don’t know how something works, you can’t use it to create your visions.

We were also all told that we are not ok to be who we are - that love will get taken away if we express our truths, and we have deeply believed that love = survival. We are not going to feel whole and complete until we are able to express as our true selves, having integrated our experiences, understanding how reality works and thus able to create what we want to create but at the same time we are scared to ever express anything that may get us rejected, because we are afraid that if we do we will die.

As you can see, this is no easy or quick work.

Looking at our food and body image issues as being ‘the issue’ is an excellent place to start - and it is through learning to love the body, love the one who feels inadequate, the one who wants to lose weight, the one who wants to control their life and food that we start to learn how to love these deeper, truer, more traumatized parts of ourselves.

We start on the surface loving the body we have, loving the one who does not accept the body we have, loving the one who wants to binge/purge/restrict - everything that arrises - as a way of getting information from these aspects. This will take you deeper and deeper, but it is a journey.

Please be willing to use the resources listed below over and over again. Moving forward is a JOURNEY and a PROCESS - there won't be a single revelation or tool that is your great 'aha' moment that fixes everything. This will happen in a spiral. This will happen in waves.

Commit to doing this work daily. Commit to doing this work for the rest of your life. It will evolve far past body image work if you allow it to do so.

Start where you are, get committed, work the tools. Over and over.

You are worth it.

Tools, Resources, Guides:

Your Body Is On Your Side 6 Week Program

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The Emotional Mastery Series

The Transformation Series:


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The Perception Diet Book:

The 33 Day Body Balance Program

If you are looking for one on one coaching, my dear friend Rande Moss has many resources as well as spots for coaching clients through her website, which you can check out here:

Rande Moss Free Spirit Academy

Go slow, be kind to yourself and use your tools daily.