We Are Spiritualizing Over Consumption:

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We Are Justifying - Even SPIRITUALIZING - Over Consumption:

As an experiment, I challenge you to look up what the TRUE price of a pound of beef should be. If everyone were paid fairly, if the ACTUAL cost of the fossil fuels required to grow, process and transport that beef, if the amount of land required for that animal to be raised in good health and all the other factors were in place so that that beef was priced at how much it actually cost to produce - NONE of us could eat meat. And this is not a veganism plug. This goes for processed soy and vegan junk food products too. Look up what clothing SHOULD cost. Look up what home goods SHOULD cost. If everyone were being paid a fair wage, how much SHOULD that Starbucks latte ACTUALLY cost?

Then compare that to what you paid.

Where’s the difference? How can there be such a gap between actual cost and market value?

Slave labour and exploitation. That is the answer. Every time.

Someone doesn’t have enough so that others can have more than they need.

Usually when we become wealthy/get to a place where we have more than needed to make ends meet, we then start to OVER consume on every level.

We justify the big house, the fancy car, the high end clothes - all again through the lens that we are ‘different’ from those ‘evil’ rich people. We may even simply live beyond our means - spending our excess money rather than paying off debt. Redecorating the house. Buying the new gadget we don't really want or need. Assuming it will always be there rather than being cautious and realizing that there may again come a day when we don't have quite this much and being responsible to balance not living in scarcity with living practically and with foresight.

Rather we tell ourselves that our abundance is spiritual, deserved, ok.

We are placing money in the hands of the under privileged via our charitable giving.

We are redistributing wealth to the ‘right’ people.

We are taking control of the system and exerting our power to make it what WE think it should be - to dictate to humanity what WE think is important/not important - and we justify that as benevolent. Because of COURSE WE have the right idea about how society should be. We are the good millionaire. Not taking from anyone else. We aren’t Jeff Bezos. We are just me, little ol' me. With my clear ideas of what humanity needs and doesn’t need - who is evil and who is good, and we now have the power to shape the world we want to see.

In reality?

That huge house is requiring how much power to be run? Where did that power come from? That pipeline that just got built through the native territory.

All that land your house is on? Not growing food. Not a park for the community. Who owned that land before it was 'owned' by whomever you purchased it from and why aren't they there anymore?

How many people could have a modest shelter in exchange for your abundance?

We may want to believe in this eternal source of things - but reality is that there is a finite amount of land. There are a finite amount of resources. If everyone wanted to live how just the 'average' millionaire or even the average 6 figure earner lives - would there be enough room for everyone? Enough space left over to grow food and have nature and all the other things we need?

Most certainly not.

So who or what are we going to have to sacrifice so that a few can have so much?

This isn’t a spiritual concept.

This is just reality.

If we really want to believe that 'everyone' can live at this level of abundance - then in reality we need a much smaller 'everyone' count. We would need a vastly decreased population. And would we then simply like to let nature take her course? Allow those who can't make it to that 6 figure state on their own for whatever reason to simply be left to the wolves? Stop all social well-fare and medical intervention that is keeping the population at its highest ever so that we can get to a number that would actually be able to all exist at this level of resource consumption? If that is what we want to believe is possible - all of us can have this - then again, we are going to have to figure out a way to reduce how many of us there are.

I believe that there is evidence that there is ENOUGH on this earth to support all of us in ENOUGH - but there is ABSOLUTELY NOT enough to support ALL of us having wealth at these levels. Thus, when ANYONE has this level of wealth and thus resource consumption, it means they ARE taking up what someone else needs. If there is enough for all of us to have our needs met, when we consume beyond that - how is that NOT directly taking from someone else? If things are finite? Which they ARE in this REALITY?

There Can Be No Benevolent Millionaire:

We also must understand that EVERY billionaire, millionaire or individual who has power over the people believe THEY KNOW what’s best for the people. Or know that having more for THEMSELVES is what they want, and are aware of what they need to do to manipulate the population into allowing that wealth gap to exist. They know they have to offer a 'fear of the other' that they can then swoop in and 'protect' you from - leaving them with the power to also CONTROL and RESTRAIN you and your freedoms. They know they have to offer some front of PROVIDING something for you that you could not get on your own - and usually this is BECAUSE they have hoarded it. Every person with amassed wealth controls the people to some degree. They have power BECAUSE they control what people NEED to LIVE - and we need to be manipulated into allowing this to happen - and this is usually done through FEAR - creating a narrative of the threat out there, that they then protect you from in exchange for your freedom.

Those at the top all believe they know what society should look like. They believe they SHOULD have so much more than everyone else - they are 'ordained by God' or are taking on the 'responsibility' of controlling/governing a nation - when this is really just their trauma playing out. No matter how benevolent their intentions this power dynamic will ALWAYS be unhealthy, unbalanced and again, the reason we have war, crime, generational trauma and things we need 'protection' from.

The true reality is - humanity has NEVER thrived under DICTATORSHIP.

Where someone has SUCH VAST control over the resources that they get to start to take away the rights and freedoms of others in order to rule.

A dictatorship is the ONLY option when someone is hoarding wealth. Again, when you control the resources, you, by the very nature of that position, will have control over how society runs. People will have to follow your rules in order for you to give them what they need. Period. It's the only way it works. So long as resources are centralized ANYWHERE - the people have to conform to whatever world view that centralized power has in order to be granted access to what they need.


We take the rights and freedoms of others by making it impossible for them to have a vote, due to having no access to wealth and therefore no say or power, no CAPACITY to resources themselves, help themselves, decide for THEMSELVES what will serve them best in this moment - and then we turn around and give it to them as 'charity' or 'supporting causes' that shouldn’t need that charity or cause in the first place. We take it from people, removing their freedom of choice and ability to self manage, only to give it back with conditions - this is how you must use your resources. This is how you must live and be in order to 'earn' this charity.

It’s imbalanced.

If we really want to be ‘good’ we should want everyone to have reasonable choice in their own lives.

No one having enough power that their personal choices affect the whole in dramatic ways, no one having so little that they have their choices taken from them.

THAT is the actual solution.

There is no benevolent dictator.

Anyone who has SO MUCH MORE than anyone else is in a position of SUPREMACY - and then you start to be responsible for the choices of those who have too little to act on their own authority. No matter how caring you are, you are never going to know what’s best for someone else. Balance will come when all have enough to make their own choices and face those consequences without the world being affected. Too much power necessitates taking basic rights and freedoms from others.


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