We Have The Power To Change The System Through Self Exploration

You made it! The final part in my series on why the 'Abundance' teachings and mentality are totally false.

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Onto today, what you can do - the best part 🙂

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The Middle Has All The Power To Change This:

Again, I believe it’s not up to those who are most marginalized by this system to change the system - their basic ability to affect change has been robbed from them due to having such limited access to wealth, power and resource. They are caught in cycles of having to feed the system that’s enslaving them and exploiting them in order to survive. I also feel that those who are really at the top top aren’t going to give up their seeming power. They are far too trapped in their own fear and trauma - as evidenced by how much of their own humanity they have to be ignoring in order to hold their positions.

It’s going to be up to us in the middle.

Who have the expendable income.

Who can and do have the power to CHOOSE not to buy that second coat. The coffee at Starbucks. The third car or the bigger house. Or to choose NOT to buy these things, not to keep working harder to earn more, and rather find our enough and then LIVE in THAT enough.

It’s going to be up to US who CAN choose to pay a little more for the organic local produce and forego the cable subscription. Up to us to buy the coffee, clothes, makeup, books and other goods we use on a regular basis from independent businesses as much as possible - paying those HIGHER prices so we can figure out what we can ACTUALLY ETHICALLY afford. Up to us who CAN choose to work less, make a little less, and then use that time to clean our own houses, be creative, spend time with family, work in the community and ACTUALLY work to make this world a better place by being in a state of NOT producing/consuming sometimes. To find that enough, and then STOP climbing the ladder. Stop hoarding. Stop reaching for MORE, and in so doing making it harder for others to have the basics.

Returning to HUMANITY.

Being one less person who is hoarding.

It’s going to be up to us to divest from the system.

Because it can’t keep going without OUR participation.

WE ARE the majority.

The margins aren’t where the power is.

The center is. WE ARE THE CENTRE. OUR numbers are the biggest.

I understand the ECONOMICALLY speaking, the top 1% still holds more wealth than the rest of society put together. I get that. But at the same time they RELY UPON US playing along with the system in order to keep their success within it. The more we boycott their cheap goods in favor of the locally made, the more we literally just STOP consuming what we DON'T NEED, the more we CHECK OUT of PAYING THEM to keep doing what they're doing - the more things will HAVE to shift. Because in many ways, we power and control them just as much as they power and control us.

We are being MANIPULATED into participating in this system. Without our participation, it can't stand on its own. We must understand this.

When we stop actively engaging in the 'not enough, never enough' narrative it loses its power. When we give our excess away to those who will never be valued by the system - not in a way of choosing FOR THEM how they will use those resources but just in a way that acknowledges the disparity among people - we disrupt the system. Again, just by NOT BUYING ANYTHING from time to time, we cut into their profits and thus their power to control.

I also believe that taxation is a part of the solution. I totally understand the ‘taxation is theft’ idea and sympathize. I also hate that SO much tax money doesn’t go to the people, rather it goes to military (which are a part of the manipulation system keeping us 'afraid of them' so that the government can show us how they are 'protecting us' which leads us to voluntarily give up our rights to these 'leaders' in the process - when in fact those militaries are there to protect the top people from US), subsidies for big businesses that make staying afloat totally impossible for those independent retailers due to artificially lowered prices, to oil and gas and so many other problematic things.

BUT - demanding that tax money be spent back on the community, that tax breaks be given to companies so that they can pay living wages, go back to social programs to support people who are never going to be ‘useful’ in the system enough to make enough - this is a part of the solution.

Not the whole solution.

Not charity.


Making a basic quality of life available to all is going to require some organization and crowd funding. We gotta start to demand this. Those of us with expendable income can use our money to support social programs and people who are working to make life more equitable where the government isn’t doing it - choosing our own taxation. We can take the power we have and NOT WAIT for any authority figure to help us make a better system. Again, we can be our own tax collector - we can support those who need it without needing the government to give us permission to do so. Make sandwiches for homeless people. Give blankets and clothing. Support shelters. We can forego the meal out to give to that. This is better than just ‘charity’ too. Charity is also important - again it's not all or nothing, one or the other. All of it plays a role.

I’m not asking the single mother of three, working 2 minimum wage jobs because she was educated in a school system that set her up to fail in the system to stop shopping at Walmart. She is, for all intents and purposes a victim of a system she was NEVER going to be successful in - or in order to become ‘successful’ where she has a reasonable standard of life she is going to have to work INCREDIBLY hard against obstacles that simple don’t exist for others. It’s not her job right now.

It’s up to us who CAN do things to do them.

I’m not calling for perfection here.

Progress, Not Perfection - Don't Let Overwhelm Stop You From Doing What You CAN:

This is overwhelming and when you start to decondition yourself from the abundance mindset you will see that it’s rooted in fear. Fear of lack, not enough, wanting to save the world - it’s a shadow teaching. There will be roots of YOU experiencing lack of what you needed in your childhood and adulthood - and this is EXACTLY what's being manipulated in you by ALL Abundance teachings and messages - as well as the messages that you aren't enough and don't have enough. It's all banking on the fact that you are traumatized and will be scared into action. When you start to realize what TRUE abundance is, you will see that what you are REALLY seeking is ENOUGH provision to be comfortable - so that you can then go on to DISCOVER who and what YOU really are. You want basic security and stability so that you can pursue MEANING and PURPOSE. Don't let them fool you into believing that you will find your meaning and purpose in your productivity. In how much you have. In how much you can give away.


Until we recognize that we want that stability as a MEANS TO AN END not an end to itself - we won't recognize when we DO have enough, and can then start focusing on SOMETHING ELSE - true self discovery. As you do this, you will stop being susceptible to the lies of the system - secular and spiritual - stop being an over consumer/producer - and will start being a HUMAN. THAT is what the world needs. You'll stop trying to drown the fear out with stuff, and stop running from self discovery thinking you can purchase your identity and meaning.

The abundance teaching that everyone can be a benevolent millionaire - that counters logic. Fact. Basic biology and physics. It’s a lie the system is currently using to prop itself up. Minimalism of things is the answer, so we can spend our time returning to our humanity and finding where true joy comes from. We have to divest from this system of stuff = love, identity, worthiness, safety. It doesn’t. Enough does. Too much doesn’t. We need enough, yes. But we don’t need more.

We simply need to start taking the steps we all CAN take to minimize our consumption and to change who we consume from, and how much we go into production mode at the expense of our humanity. To really actually find our INNER SELF WORTH so we stop projecting our inner lack of self love onto the reality and thinking that things or success or being able to be super charitable will fill that void. It won’t. NO consumer good or the capacity to give is going to fill you up where you can only be filled with real love. Purpose. Self awareness and expression.

It’s going to be hard and uncomfortable. When you start to look at this you’re going to see the system in EVERYTHING. But just because you can’t do EVERYTHING doesn’t mean you can’t do ANYTHING. Small steps. A little every day. Over the years, this is your impact.

Realize What You Really Want:

In reality, your true desire is to have your needs met ENOUGH so that you can SELF EXPRESS.

THIS is what is at the core of all the abundance teachings, all our fears and all our drives.

We want to be ourselves, but we have been traumatized by rejection and that rejection meaning not having what we need to survive, and have all experienced not having our needs met - thus we are all captive to this narrative of MORE MORE MORE because we all FEEL like we don't have enough.

Millionaires and Billionaires feel they don't have enough. It's delusion. It's deep seated nervous system trauma. 

THIS is the root.

We are nature - meaning we have a set of needs that when not met, cause us pain because this hinders our GROWTH and causes us to DECAY. The existential fear we all feel - that 'who am I? What's my purpose?' That DRIVE we all have to acquire things we didn't have growing up - that is ALL HUMAN NATURE.

Due to the fact that we have all experienced NOT getting our needs met (mental, emotional, physical, creative and so on) means we have all faced that fear of death that comes along with knowing somewhere deep inside that we can't grow in the environment we are in. The more we don't have our needs met, the less we can grow, the less we can express and this is horrifying.

At the same time, we live in a world that generally tells us that who and what we are isn't ok. That to self express in certain ways threatens our survival on some level because it gets us rejected - and this rejection to our traumatized nervous systems feels like death.

We all got rejected in our childhoods by our caregivers who we needed to love us in order to provide for us. We could not provide for ourselves so their rejection WAS a death threat. We have all carried this forward and now feel like we will die if we DO self express and like we will die if we DON'T. They war with one another - and the consumerist idea that we can just buy happiness and self expression comes in to save us from this existential nightmare.

We are all in a state of insecurity on some level and dealing with the trauma of not having our needs met in childhood when we had to control or way to help ourselves.

This is what our current consumerist culture preys upon. This is how the system has us all hooked.

It tells us that stuff will fill the void of self expression. That things, status, power, positions and so on MEAN something about US. Who we ARE. We are constantly being fed the idea that we can BUY our deep desire for IDENTITY and PURPOSE and MEANING - that purpose and meaning come solely through what you PRODUCE/CONSUME - and this is blocking us from doing the true work of finding ourselves.

We are also all SO AFRAID to be our true selves and honestly self express because we have all been traumatized in our childhoods when we did this and got rejected by our caregivers, upon whom we were fully dependent. We all learned on some level that to be ourselves = rejection and that that rejection = death - so again we are looking for some OTHER way to express and find ourselves and the consumerist culture slides right in with all it's stuff to help you out.

Finally, we have all experienced lack. Physically not having enough. Mentally not having enough. Emotionally not having enough. This again triggered and triggers our deep survival response - making us even MORE vulnerable to messages of 'stuff will make you happy' because it feels so much like it is the lack of stuff that is making us unhappy - instead of seeing that it is in-fact that lack of stuff which then hinders our GROWTH that is making us unhappy.

So ENOUGH is pertinent. We are all clamoring for ENOUGH so that we can express. But too much is just as damaging as not enough. Too much is a distraction. Going after stuff for the sake of stuff - or WORSE going after stuff/status/power for the sake of IDENTITY is a complete detour on the path to what we really want deep down.

We want to express as our human selves.

Until we get this, we will be triggered and distracted by abundance/lack forever.

You want ENOUGH so you can self express in a safe way. You want to be able to be rejected and know you won't die. You want to have security for yourself so you can be YOU - the full human that you are, warts and all.

ENOUGH stuff will get you that. MORE than what you need will fully distract you from this.

It's about doing that inner work to recognize that yes, this is an existential issue. You are going to have to face the traumas of rejection and learning to love who you are even if you get rejected. About learning how to navigate the physical realm understanding what you actually need and not shooting for MORE than that, which just creates imbalance on the other side.

Stuff, status, productivity and abundance will make you happy ONLY to the degree that it's a MEANS to the end of your growth and self expression. It is NOT going to be your identity. It won't fill the hole of that trauma of not having enough. Having more than you need puts you in an imbalance just as much as having not enough.

It's up to us in the middle to find our balance, and then to call for and actively create a system of equity.

Self love first.

This will help you divest.

A little each day. Slowly. Compassion.

This isn’t your fault. See the system for its wolf in sheep’s clothing. Ask yourself questions. Consume less. See what it feels like not to be consuming OR producing for a few moments a day. Feel. One step at a time.



I hope you enjoyed this series. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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All my love.