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Don’t Try To Rush Emotional Mastery

Hello Friend! Your emotions are messengers for you. They are there to tell you where you are in and where you are out of alignment with truth. Your emotions can be a hugely helpful guide you use to navigate your way through your world. But here is the thing. Getting to the place where you […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.42 – Are Your Self Love Practices Actually A Distraction?

Alright my friends: Today we are going to look at some information that may fall into the ‘hard pill to swallow’ category. We are going to be taking a good hard look at what self love ACTUALLY is, and why so many people out there are using what we have deemed ‘self love’ to be, […]

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Can You Be Happy Anywhere, Any Time?

As you have been walking your spiritual path, have you adopted the idea that through emotional mastery, through meditation and through all your other disciplines that at some point you should be able to be happy and content anywhere, any time? Is there a part of you that feels like if you hate your job, […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.41: Why Walking In Your Purpose Is Walking The Knifes Edge

Hello Friends! Have you ever heard that when you are ‘walking in alignment with yourself’ that everything will just ‘flow’ to you? That when you are ‘living your purpose’ life will be easy and fun? Have you been told that in order to find your purpose, all you have to do is ‘follow your bliss’ […]

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What Is Reality?

Hello Love! How can you determine what reality is? Is there a reality that is solid?  Or is reality fluid? Is reality relative, or universal? Is your reality unique to you, or is the reality all the same for all people? Where does perception play into reality? What about alignment? Truth? Lies? Deception? What is […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E. 40 – Wounds Traumas and Triggers Are Good

Alright friends. Today we are going to talk about what a WOUND is, what a TRAUMA is, what a TRIGGER is and why all of these things are exactly what we NEED to wake up. We are going to clear the confusion out there about getting ‘rid of’ wounds, trauma and triggers – so that […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.39: Why Self Love Is Such A Paradox

Hello my Love! The self love path and the self improvement path are two different paths which never intersect. Meaning, if you are on a self improvement path, if you are working to fix or change to better yourself – you will never find yourself at a place where you unconditionally love you. You can […]

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When To Use “Act As Thought It Is” V.S Facing Negative Thoughts/Emotions.

Hello Lovely! For anyone out there who wants to change – to change a negative behaviour pattern, change a negative thought pattern, learn to see yourself differently, develop more self confidence and so on – you may have heard that there are two ways to go about accomplishing this change: Act As Though It Is […]

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The Truth About The Process Of ‘Awakening’

Hi Light Beam. Now that you are starting to get comfortable with paradox, you are ready to conceptualize the ‘awakening’ path in a way that perhaps you have never considered before. You see, there are many schools of thought out there with regards to what it takes to ‘wake up.’ Many of these schools focus […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.38 – Are You Trying To Serve People You Can’t Serve?

Hello again! Last week we talked about the idea that we can really only help or serve others who are in a place to be served or helped. Ie. We can truly only offer support and guidance to those who are ready and willing to take that support and guidance and act upon it. Today […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.37 – How To Determine Who You Can Serve As A Light Worker

Hey there light beam. To start off – do you know how amazing you are? Being someone who has taken a journey or two in your life, and now feels called to support others who are walking a similar path. That is a really, truly special thing. It shows how deeply compassionate you are, and […]

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Embracing Your Darkness To Find Your Creativity

Hello Friends In today’s video we are going to talk about darkness. We are going to talk about how embracing who and what you are, about how embracing your darkness and even being fully willing able to look at the darkness and so called ‘evil’ that exists in the world may just be crucial for […]

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Being In A Relationship Is Triggering – How To Handle Being Your Partners Biggest Trigger.

Hey there! Do you feel like relationships, when they are right and good, should be easy? That if you and a romantic partner are truly ‘meant to be’ that things between you will flow nicely without too much effort or striving? Is there a part of you that is secretly hoping that you will find […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.36 The End Of Trauma The Beginning Of Ego

Hi Friends Here’s the deal. We all have trauma from our pasts, that is causing us drama in our present. You know, the childhood wounds that cause you to self-sabotage, pick fights with your partner, never stand up for what you want, have difficulty knowing what you want or how to get it, have creative […]

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Stepping Into Ego To Understand Unity

Hey you. Yes, you. You there reading this. Don’t listen to Jim Carey. You exist. You are totally real. You are not an illusion. Really. You are an Ego, and you are SUPPOSED to be an Ego. In fact, you trying NOT to be in your Ego, is what is causing all of the problems […]

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