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Stepping Into Ego To Understand Unity

Hey you. Yes, you. You there reading this. Don’t listen to Jim Carey. You exist. You are totally real. You are not an illusion. Really. You are an Ego, and you are SUPPOSED to be an Ego. In fact, you trying NOT to be in your Ego, is what is causing all of the problems […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.35: Lets Get Comfortable With Paradox

Hey! Here is the deal my friend, if you want to expand your consciousness – as in come to a place where you have an UNDERSTANDING of reality and how it functions – you are going to need to get comfortable with paradox. If you want to know God, to understand the Universe, to be […]

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You Don’t Exist. And Other Spiritual Bullshit About The Ego

Hi hi! Now that you understand the breakdown of the inner child, the Ego and The Divine Self – how we are here to have an Ego that represents the fractal of the Ultimate Divine Self we are, and that this Ego can be played out as the immature inner child who feels traumatized and […]

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The ‘Secret’ Is Wrong – R.T.F.L.W.E.34

Let’s talk about The Secret. You know, the book that talks about how if you think positively enough, you will manifest a million dollars, your dream home, your dream career and your dream partner? The one that tells you that the whole reason anything ‘bad’ ever happens to you, or the whole reason you ever […]

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The Inner Child, The Ego And The Divine Self

Today I really wanted to talk about why ‘The reality doesn’t exist” and “I don’t really exist” are not the full truth, and why us believing that these ideas represent enlightenment is actually a total spiritual bypass. However, as I started to plan what I was going to say, I realized we needed some background […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.33 You Attracted Your Life – It IS The Path

The Law Of Attraction. Most likely one of the most preached about and widely misunderstood principals of our reality to date. There are so many out there – maybe yourself included – who believe that The Law Of Attraction is all about giving you what you think about. Expanding what you focus on. Avoiding thinking […]

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Monday Musings ~ Do We Really Need Fear? – VIDEO POST!

Hi friends I know last week I told you that I would be wrapping up my post series on What 5D is, and How To Start Moving There and What Loving Yourself Looks Like – but I felt that this series was not done! So here we are This week, I have a video presentation […]

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Why You Will Never “Get Rid Of’ Negative Beliefs

Hi Beaut! Today let’s talk about the root cause of negative beliefs. Which may not be what you think, and what you think may be causing you a lot of pain. Let’s talk about where they come from, so that you can develop a new relationship with them that is a lot less strenuous and […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.32 – Why Trying To See Everyone In Their Light All The Time Is Actually Spiritual Bypassing

Hello there light beam! We have all heard that to be good spiritual people, we should try to see everyone as their higher self. That we should stop judging people based on what they are doing, being or saying in this life and start ‘looking beyond that’ into ‘who they really are.’ That to judge […]

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Connection Is Not From Sameness – Why We Struggle To Connect As A Human Race

Hello Beaut! Connection with others is considered one of the greatest of human needs. It used to be thought that the base physical needs were most important – yet there have been some interesting findings that have pointed to the idea that some humans will gravitate towards getting their connection/safety within a group needs met […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.31 – No, You Are Not Adding To The Darkness In The World By Being With Your Negative Aspects.

Hello Light One! The world is not the brightest, most sunshiny place in the galaxy right now. In fact, you may be looking around and seeing pretty well nothing but darkness, hate, violence and anger. You may feel like this world, at this time, needs all the love and light it can get. Perhaps with […]

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Do You Have Social Anxiety?

Social Anxiety is no fun at all. That overwhelming feeling that you are going to say or do or be the wrong thing. That people are not going to like you. That sneaking suspicion that something awkward or uncomfortable is going to happen. The sense that you are in the room, but totally and utterly […]

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Why Forgiving Yourself Is Hard, And Also The Most Important Thing Ever R.T.F.L.W.E. 30

Hi Lovely! Let’s talk self forgiveness today. At this point, you have most likely heard SO many teachings on forgiveness – why forgiveness is important, why forgiving people is such a great spiritual thing to do and so on, that this idea is nothing at all new to you. There is a good chance that […]

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Why Agitation Is One Of My Favorite ‘Negative’ Emotions

Agitation. The feeling of dis-ease or dis-comfort that starts in your belly, rises into your chest, makes it way into your shoulders and up over your head. That antsy, angsty, nagging tingling pressure that makes you feel like you need to get up and run and burry yourself in a hole all at once. That […]

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R.T.F.L.W.E.29: You Don’t Have To Push Your Light Working On Them

Last week we talked about why you are not the cause of other peoples pain – even when it really feels like all you do as a ‘light-worker’ is make people feel uncomfortable. Now you get when sometimes it really FEELS – to you and to those around you – like you are making pain […]

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